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  1. It turned out that only about 4% of my images qualified, to my eyes. So there were stretches I was able to go through quickly. And of course, keep the new keywords in the clipboard.
  2. Nope, I just did a photographer search on myself, and then: pick next image with copy space; edit that image to add keywords; save changes; go back to where I was in my photographer search; repeat. Probably about 5-10% of my images. As a Manage Images v. 1 user, I wouldn't monkey around with batch editing on Alamy.
  3. Didn't take that long to "copyspace" my 3100+ images. l guess I need to bear that in mind more when I'm shooting.
  4. Yeah, usually 20-30 for me. Also keeps it to one page in Manage Images I.
  5. A couple of Lightroom features that have eased my workflow (probably old news to a lot of folks): - in Develop mode, hit J to see your highlight and shadow issues. I just leave it turned on all the time. - to check for dust bunnies, use the Spot Removal tool, and underneath the image, check "Visualize Spots". I crank it up all the way. I no longer view at 100% to find dust, just to fix the spots that show up. IMO, it doesn't take long to learn what dust bunnies look like without zooming in.
  6. If your keyword mess is the kind of stuff that can cause erroneous search hits (or none at all), then I'd go for the re-keywording.
  7. I sold off my 5D, 24-105, 70-200 etc just about two years ago. I was tired of the weight, the 12-megapixel was getting outmoded, and I decided that mirrorless had matured enough. Actually, that's why I sprung for the 5D in early 2006--I had decided that full-frame digital had matured enough in terms of pixel count and reasonable-enough price. So with the proceeds, I started accumulating: - Sony NEX-6 with kit lens - Sony 10-18mm then later in 2013: - Sony a3000 then in mid-2014: - Sony a6000 + 16-70mm (combo deal of $1300 at B&H) then late last year: - Sony 55-210mm (cheap unwarrantied on
  8. Many of my images on Alamy that I shot with a Canon 5D (mk I) and 24-105L were shot at f16. Maybe I should have kept that lens. But I'm all Sony mirrorless now anyway.
  9. I've sold 13 images from a cathedral in town, a couple of them exteriors but the rest interiors, mostly of statues or mosaics. When I bought my Canon 5D in early 2006, I took it downtown for practice, at the cathedral and at a couple of major Masonic sites. The Masons got me about as many sales as the Catholic church. All RM unreleased, of course.
  10. Ah, 3003 today. And only a few years after when I had figured I would have at least 5000.
  11. I think you'll like the 10-18mm, Edo. I sure do.
  12. Yep, I got a trending email too. I had figured it meant that everyone else had left, due to the contract changes.
  13. So long from here, Linda. I hope we'll continue to hear of your adventures over at Darrell's forum.
  14. There's a short-term "Deal Zone" offer at B&H right now for the NEX-7 + 18-55mm for $598. Adorama doesn't even list the NEX-7 now.
  15. Staying the path I set over the last couple of years: 3 NEX or "a" cameras, all the lenses I want for them, everything in two small bags. My Alamy is on a good uptrend, so things are coming together.
  16. I had one Polish distributor sale this year for $92.05. The subject was a painting of a Polish saint, but taken in the US. I've had similar sales to Poland in the past. Bill Kuta (all my grandparents came to the US from Poland)
  17. My number of sales this year (so far, he said hopefully) is almost up to my high years. Gross $ are about 60% of my highest year.
  18. Might frequency of new submissions be part of the formula? My sales plummeted about 50% in number and 75% in $ when I submitted very little for a couple of years. (This was after the recession effect.) Have been submitting again for about a year and a half, and have been recovering nicely.
  19. Forgot to add, 7 of my 55 have people in them, unreleased.
  20. I've had 55 accepted and 38 rejected, which is a 59% acceptance rate. I've pretty much processed them (via Camera+) as for regular Alamy, only with stronger clarity and similar adjustments. About half of my acceptances were pretty straight market-stand shots of veggies or fruit. No sales yet, and I haven't submitted anything for several weeks. Bill
  21. John, do you have anything in your keywords/caption that indicate it's a side view? (just wondering how that Viewpoint gets applied) Bill
  22. I've relearned this several times over the years, every time I've moved up significantly in equipment--with lots of poorly exposed, out-of-focus shots, before I learned how to control the hot new camera.
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