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  1. I think that some kind of flogging system might be more effective.
  2. And while we're at it, the caption for your mannequin head photo starts off with "A butterfly lighting...", but I don't see any butterfly. Leftover part of the caption from another photo?
  3. Had my first sale after one month, with about three dozen images. But that was 12 years ago. Things are way different now. And the next sale was five months later.
  4. My soft head shots are generally due to softness inside my own head.
  5. Ditto on a Metz for a lower-cost alternative. I got a Metz 44AF for my Sony a6000. If a Metz can fully integrate with Sony's goofy multi-interface shoe, a Canon should be no problem.
  6. One of our sons wants to bulk scan a lot of 4x6 prints from his many travels, for his own use. I've already in the past scanned his negatives from some trips. About all I can find for a reasonably-priced device is an Epson feeder on B&H, compatible with the V500 scanner which seems widely available on ebay. Can anyone recommend a good device or service? He is a technophile (has his own software company), so drugstore scanning won't do. thanks
  7. Hmmm... My collection: 62% landscape 38% portrait All my Alamy sales: 69% landscape 31% portrait My 2015 sales: 83% landscape 17% portrait So I wondered whether my more recent images are more landscape, but from a casual look the proportions seem to be in line with my collection as a whole.
  8. Definitely what RedSnapper and Foreign Export said: Lightroom > Spot Removal > tick the Visualize Spots box at lower left > then I like to crank up the Visualize Spots slider most of the way. What's the difference? I used to go blind going over images at 100%. Now I never inspect the whole image at 100% for dust spots. I see all the spots on the whole image, then only zoom in to correct them. Another tip if you use this method: within Spot Removal, when zoomed in, you can use all the usual navigation tools by also holding down the space bar. I can't tell you how much
  9. This is similar to analyses in another thread in the last 2-3 months, but I can't find that thread. Here's mine. Letters, percent of my images for that letter, and percent of my 2015 sales for that letter: A: 46% 33% B: 25% 28% C: 1% 6% D: 10% 0% E: 17% 33% F: 1% 0% As you can see, I took a break in submissions somewhere from late B to early D. I attribute the better performance of my E's to better image selectivity on my part, maybe a little fresh inspiration from new equipment, and, in some cases, the newness of the image. Also, the c
  10. Happy New Year from me and my wife, and the five grandchildren who are over for a sleepover (we're very hopeful about the sleep part)!
  11. Sensor size matters. The SX160IS is a point-and-shoot camera with a 1/2.3" sensor. That sensor is not on this chart, but it's slightly larger than the smallest sensor on this chart, the 1/2.5": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_sensor_format#/media/File:Sensor_sizes_overlaid_inside.svg Most people here use cameras with APS-C or full-frame sensors, with some people successfully using newer cameras with 1" sensors, and also the intermediate sensor sizes.. There have been a few point-and-shoot type cameras, generally with 1/1.7" sensors, that can produce acceptable photos shot with
  12. One of our sons uses the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art lens on a Nikon D7100, and it's a fantastic lens. Internal focus and zoom, great build. But it's designed for APS-C, so probably not what you're looking for.
  13. I used to sometimes use my 5D with a monopod attached (at its shortest length) as Wim describes. And for verticals, I just held the bottom end of the monopod in the crook of my arm, and it still provided some damping that way. Too lazy now, I guess, although I have been thinking about using the monopod to extend the camera up, or sometimes over the edge of bridges, cliffs, etc, with my small light mirrorless of course. Want to try using it that way with a remote shutter release.
  14. I got the bank transfer on Dec 4, and the mailed statement with tax certificate on Monday. I'll just include it in the stuff I send my tax guy. I'm in the US.
  15. Regards Alamys reply to Ian D ("The order in which you enter isn’t important, all it matters is the relevancy of the keywords"), I have recently noticed some strange (to me) results regards positioning of my photos returned using only search words included in my 'essential keywords'. I have a few landscape images taken in USA, and all of these use the same format for essential keywords, ie, usa landscape, followed by area name, then State, so an actual example would be: usa landscape grand teton national park wyoming. When I search using just the first two words in my essential keywords (u
  16. I think the part about veterans preference within tiers is standard boilerplate for a US Civil Service posting.
  17. The link works for me, and the location (but not the job--I am too occupied in retirement).
  18. Maybe a bubba-fit sports team t-shirt to go with the shoes? and an NRA baseball cap?
  19. I have one of those. I e-mailed MS about it today. And, of course, let's not forget the look-ahead trick on the Net Revenue page under "Build a downloadable sales report." They always show up there first. or do they.....
  20. This year my sale average is $89. If I make it a rolling year, it's $105. (now I just need to get a lot more of them...)
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