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  1. I've been using that combo for 17 months with no problems.
  2. And also try something other than a 70-300mm at the long end. Also check the coverage of your focus points. If the focus points cover much more than the center point, then it focused on the nearest object, which, as Mark pointed out, is the twig at right.
  3. It was looking promising for the first 5-6 months of the year, but now I am just at 62% of sales and 63% of revenue compared to last year.
  4. Also, something that came up in the "Search catagories: New, Creative, Relevent ?" thread also belongs in this one: When you do a search for search terms that have some "Creative" images, and you select "Creative", the Creative images will display first, but there is no longer any break for the end of Creative/beginning of Relevant. So when you select Creative, it always appears that all the images are in that category. I suspect this Creative/Relevant break function got lost in the switch to the new thumbnails.
  5. Good point, I didn't think of that, and yes, given the problems we've seen over the year's suggests Alamy's code has grown and grown and may no longer be as well structured as they'd like. In my previous life I was responsible for product development that included software. Over the years I relied on a few software engineers who had been with the company for years who kept adding to the code to add new features. We suffered from bugs, delayed release dates, unpredictable behaviour. Then the company had a shake up and I ended up with a new younger software team. They started from scratch and "re-engineered" the software from the ground up using all the latest techniques (structured design, data flow diagrams, use case models etc.). It was a revelation. They very quickly replaced the old software with new code that worked reliably and predictably. I'll have to admit to having been on all sides of your scenario at various times in my former life!
  6. Hmmm...when I do a search and select "Creative", and it's a search that apparently does have some Creative images (the initial images are different when I select Creative vs. Relevant), I no longer see the break for "End of Creative--now showing Relevant" (or whatever exactly it said). Maybe that break function disappeared when they went to the new style of thumbnails. As it works now, it makes it appear that ALL images for your search terms are in "Creative" (or "Relevant", whichever you select). (Actually, I'm OK with that ) Would be nice to hear from Alamy about this.
  7. Google Search or any other third party search would have to be customized to use Alamy's essential/main/comprehensive prioritization. And what are the odds that Alamy's code would have a place for a clean interface with it?
  8. Looking at my total images and my sales for the rolling year: A: 45% of images, 42% of sales B: 25% of images, 21% of sales C: 1% of images, 5% of sales D: 10% of images, 5% of sales E: 17% of images, 26% of sales F: 1% of images, no sales S: 2% of images, no sales I had a bit of a hiatus in submitting between B and E. Encouraging that the E's, shot on newer equipment, seem to be punching above their weight. If I look at total sales, of course, the A's and B's dominate sales at 79% and 16% (they've had a lot more opportunity to sell).
  9. I've looked at the new contributor page, and I can't find the lists of acceptable/unacceptable cameras. Can anyone else find it? Has Alamy given up on that?
  10. Nope. I have 16, 20 and 24 megapixel cameras so that I can produce 16, 20 and 24 megapixel images. The only reductions in size (not downsizing) I do are from cropping, which is usually from straightening. Now, if I had a 36 or 42 or 50 mp camera, I'd have to reevaluate the situation. For now, my lenses are up to the task.
  11. When I got my first SLR (Canon FT in '68), one of the lenses I got for it was a 135mm. That was my favorite (after the 50mm). Sharp and great for casual candid portraits.
  12. One of our sons has the Sigma 18-35mm, and it's a terrific lens. The IQ is excellent, it's f1.8, internal zoom and focus, and all for $800. What's not to like? (it is a bit of a beast)
  13. Varifocal/progressive lenses simply spread the near-to-far focal length for your prescription gradually over a portion of the lens instead of in the single step of bifocals (or two steps of trifocals). (And also don't have the distracting lines between the steps.) This means that to best focus on a particular middle range, you need to tilt your head to the proper angle in order to look through that part of the lens. I have progressives for everyday use, but for me they can result in a little neck stiffness when used for very long on a computer (and they took a little getting used to for everyday use a few years back). I used to have a pair of single-vision glasses for computer use, but now the prescription is a bit old, so I either remove my glasses, or put up with the progressives. With "computer glasses" set for the right focal length for your computer setup, you can hold your head at any fool angles you choose.
  14. Of course, but that's just a quick first step. Trying to find dust specks (one of the last steps) just by coursing over the whole image at 100% was agonizing for many years, and got more so, the older I and my eyes got. The LR "Visualize Spots" works for me. I use LR6 for all of my post-processing for stock, except that first I still use Canon Zoombrowser (old habit) to decide which images are going into LR. Then they get winnowed down further in various steps in LR.
  15. FYI on card recovery: Good idea to reformat the card once you have everything off of it. I had used recovery software on one card (to retrieve a couple of images someone else deleted in-camera), then reused the card without reformatting. The next time I tried to retrieve from it, I believe I got all the new images, but then it reported that the card was corrupted--I think the corruption (i.e., manipulation of the card by something other than the camera) only affected the images that had been recovered earlier.
  16. And as I've said, I haven't inspected an entire image at 100% ever since LR added the "Visualize Spots" feature to the Spot Removal tool. Just hit "Visualize Spots", crank up the contrast, and the dust specks pop right out in a full-image view. Better and more reliable than my old eyes.
  17. Well, I DO have lot of phrases in quotes in my keywords. But my next question is: do words put together with quotation marks also each count as an individual keyword? If not, then I probably have some work cut out for me as well.
  18. Then the transfer of monies to their US bank and issuance of ACH transfers to individual bank accounts is pretty seamless.
  19. Icon, I figure from your portfolio that you are in the USA. I assume then that you have set up to be paid via ACH for direct deposit to your bank account. That's my situation too. I looked at my last half-dozen payments, and they have been deposited in my bank account anywhere from the 4th to the 7th of the month, depending on weekends/holidays etc. This month's was on the 6th.
  20. My doc said I had low view count, but he gave me something for it.
  21. From what we can see, I'm thinking cedar/eastern white cedar/arborvitae.Did they have evergreen-type leaf structure?
  22. OTOH, Ed, if someone thrust $10K into my hand and forced me to go to B&H and buy an A7RII and lenses, I would not resist. I could even get my old bones to carry it around.
  23. Sony a6000 with 16-70mm is my main camera. Also use a3000 with 10-18mm, and NEX-6 with various lenses, mainly kit 16-50mm and 55-210mm. I started accumulating them three years ago, and the more I use this stable, the more I like it. No QC failures, sales with about every combo. If they stop making APS-C, I'm sure these will last me a few years.
  24. Yes, it seems the only thing you would lose is having the "Location" line item visible in a zoom--but the location would be visible elsewhere in the zoom, in your caption/keywords. So Alamy: Is the contributor "Location" box an artifact, or are there any other plans for it?
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