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  1. I used to sometimes use my 5D with a monopod attached (at its shortest length) as Wim describes. And for verticals, I just held the bottom end of the monopod in the crook of my arm, and it still provided some damping that way. Too lazy now, I guess, although I have been thinking about using the monopod to extend the camera up, or sometimes over the edge of bridges, cliffs, etc, with my small light mirrorless of course. Want to try using it that way with a remote shutter release.
  2. I got the bank transfer on Dec 4, and the mailed statement with tax certificate on Monday. I'll just include it in the stuff I send my tax guy. I'm in the US.
  3. Regards Alamys reply to Ian D ("The order in which you enter isn’t important, all it matters is the relevancy of the keywords"), I have recently noticed some strange (to me) results regards positioning of my photos returned using only search words included in my 'essential keywords'. I have a few landscape images taken in USA, and all of these use the same format for essential keywords, ie, usa landscape, followed by area name, then State, so an actual example would be: usa landscape grand teton national park wyoming. When I search using just the first two words in my essential keywords (usa landscape) filtered for photographs, ie, not all images, 305,313 results are returned and I have 2 images displayed on page 1 of 3,393 pages. When I search using third and fourth words in my essential keywords (Horsehoe Bend, again filtered for photographs), 1,261 results are returned and my first image appears on page 5 of 15 pages. Using search words three to six in my essential keywords (Grand Teton National Park), 9,743 results are returned and my first image appears on page 19 of 109 pages. If, according to Alamy, order of keywords is not important, it seems strange that the positioning of my images in returned search results are so variable using examples above. If I get page 1 of 3,393 pages for example 1, should I not get higher positioned results for examples 2 and 3 above??? This is not about whether my images are included or excluded in search results as mentioned in previous posts above, but trying to comprehend the positioning variability of my images when they are returned in searchs. Although I have no idea what my Alamy Rank figure is, its unlikely to be high given the small number of sales I make (just 10 reported this year), so while its nice hitting page 1 in my first example, personally I think this considerably overstates my rank, and the results obtained are some sort of freakish behaviour by the Alamy search engine (although I would love to be proved wrong!!). My annualised CTR tends to be slightly above average, so examples 2 and 3 above are more likely to be representative of where my images would be positioned in a search. Given these examples of wide variations in image search position results, essential keyword order does seem to make a difference in search results......and therefore.....Alamy are wrong????? Not sure of the details of your search based on what you said, but if you're not including "usa landscape" in all three searches, then it's not a valid comparison. You're assuming that all images by everyone involved in your searches include "usa landscape" in their essential keywords.
  4. I think the part about veterans preference within tiers is standard boilerplate for a US Civil Service posting.
  5. The link works for me, and the location (but not the job--I am too occupied in retirement).
  6. Maybe a bubba-fit sports team t-shirt to go with the shoes? and an NRA baseball cap?
  7. I have one of those. I e-mailed MS about it today. And, of course, let's not forget the look-ahead trick on the Net Revenue page under "Build a downloadable sales report." They always show up there first. or do they.....
  8. This year my sale average is $89. If I make it a rolling year, it's $105. (now I just need to get a lot more of them...)
  9. Lately I've noticed that they show up in "View your sales history" before they show up in "View your account balance", but I don't care, as long as they show up. In the evening over on this side of the pond, we get to see some of the timing of Alamy's overnight processing.
  10. If it's Alamy that decides on "Best Answer", then we have their viewpoint on it. And I'm surprised by that.
  11. I've been using that combo for 17 months with no problems.
  12. And also try something other than a 70-300mm at the long end. Also check the coverage of your focus points. If the focus points cover much more than the center point, then it focused on the nearest object, which, as Mark pointed out, is the twig at right.
  13. It was looking promising for the first 5-6 months of the year, but now I am just at 62% of sales and 63% of revenue compared to last year.
  14. Also, something that came up in the "Search catagories: New, Creative, Relevent ?" thread also belongs in this one: When you do a search for search terms that have some "Creative" images, and you select "Creative", the Creative images will display first, but there is no longer any break for the end of Creative/beginning of Relevant. So when you select Creative, it always appears that all the images are in that category. I suspect this Creative/Relevant break function got lost in the switch to the new thumbnails.
  15. Good point, I didn't think of that, and yes, given the problems we've seen over the year's suggests Alamy's code has grown and grown and may no longer be as well structured as they'd like. In my previous life I was responsible for product development that included software. Over the years I relied on a few software engineers who had been with the company for years who kept adding to the code to add new features. We suffered from bugs, delayed release dates, unpredictable behaviour. Then the company had a shake up and I ended up with a new younger software team. They started from scratch and "re-engineered" the software from the ground up using all the latest techniques (structured design, data flow diagrams, use case models etc.). It was a revelation. They very quickly replaced the old software with new code that worked reliably and predictably. I'll have to admit to having been on all sides of your scenario at various times in my former life!
  16. Hmmm...when I do a search and select "Creative", and it's a search that apparently does have some Creative images (the initial images are different when I select Creative vs. Relevant), I no longer see the break for "End of Creative--now showing Relevant" (or whatever exactly it said). Maybe that break function disappeared when they went to the new style of thumbnails. As it works now, it makes it appear that ALL images for your search terms are in "Creative" (or "Relevant", whichever you select). (Actually, I'm OK with that ) Would be nice to hear from Alamy about this.
  17. Google Search or any other third party search would have to be customized to use Alamy's essential/main/comprehensive prioritization. And what are the odds that Alamy's code would have a place for a clean interface with it?
  18. Looking at my total images and my sales for the rolling year: A: 45% of images, 42% of sales B: 25% of images, 21% of sales C: 1% of images, 5% of sales D: 10% of images, 5% of sales E: 17% of images, 26% of sales F: 1% of images, no sales S: 2% of images, no sales I had a bit of a hiatus in submitting between B and E. Encouraging that the E's, shot on newer equipment, seem to be punching above their weight. If I look at total sales, of course, the A's and B's dominate sales at 79% and 16% (they've had a lot more opportunity to sell).
  19. I've looked at the new contributor page, and I can't find the lists of acceptable/unacceptable cameras. Can anyone else find it? Has Alamy given up on that?
  20. Nope. I have 16, 20 and 24 megapixel cameras so that I can produce 16, 20 and 24 megapixel images. The only reductions in size (not downsizing) I do are from cropping, which is usually from straightening. Now, if I had a 36 or 42 or 50 mp camera, I'd have to reevaluate the situation. For now, my lenses are up to the task.
  21. When I got my first SLR (Canon FT in '68), one of the lenses I got for it was a 135mm. That was my favorite (after the 50mm). Sharp and great for casual candid portraits.
  22. One of our sons has the Sigma 18-35mm, and it's a terrific lens. The IQ is excellent, it's f1.8, internal zoom and focus, and all for $800. What's not to like? (it is a bit of a beast)
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