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  1. They're selling prints? Yeah, I see...it goes to art.com. Do we know how much we get out of the listed prices? I have a few hundred images on a POD site (most of which are on Alamy) where I get more than the Alamy listed print price. Awaiting email from Alamy....... Awaiting changes to agreement to cover print sales...... Awaiting chance to opt out of this......
  2. Betty, my answer works for you probably because I use LR approximately the way you do. Keep on doing what works for you. For a tool like a hammer, there aren't a lot of different ways to use it; for a tool like Lightroom, there are many ways. And hang in there.
  3. I hope I'm not missing something in your question, but do you mean adding photos to one of your Lightroom folders? - In Library mode, right-click on the target folder - In the drop-down, choose "Import to this folder"
  4. A few years back, I contacted both the Smithsonian and an institution in Baltimore about taking photos for stock. At that time, neither seemed to know what stock photography was. I think they've all been catching on.
  5. This one was actually licensed: http://n7.alamy.com/zooms/4a0bf6624e0845798e6334419cda794b/a-crushed-frog-lies-on-an-asphalt-road-e5cegt.jpg
  6. Here's the previous discussion of it: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/4998-some-statistics-do-images-put-up-longer-ago-continue-to-sell-on-alamy/ And on page 2 of that thread, Wim references a previous such thread.
  7. I've been using NEX cameras/lenses for over three years now. Most of my shots are with the a6000/16-70mm. To answer your question about the 16-70mm: It got a not-so-good rep when it came out, and that's reflected in its photozone.de results. I like mine, and I haven't had any failures with the NEX equipment--but then, I had learned how to pass QC before that anyway. In my bag with that combo is the 10-18mm, which I consider quite good, on the funky-but-good-IQ a3000, which you can't get anymore. I also use an NEX-6 with the kit 16-50mm, and sometimes the 55-210mm. And occasionally a small Canon DSLR (SL-1). I like the NEX cameras/lenses for the IQ, the price point if you wait for sales, and for the size/weight, which is the main reason I switched from a Canon 5D/L lenses. I find the NEX cameras comfortable enough to hold (more so than the diminutive Canon SL-1). And I have a thing about avoiding sensor dust (my 5D experience), so I like carrying two cameras with dedicated lenses in a small bag. That also works out well when my wife is along and wants a camera.
  8. Canadian satire or no? http://www.burrardst...ce-was-mistake/ Too hard to call--too much verisimilitude.
  9. Also, you have some images of what appears to be Venice, but I don't see the location in your keywords.
  10. No sense in my guessing--I wouldn't have bet much on half of my multiple sellers.
  11. Download a sales report. Make a spreadsheet file of it. The column headed "License Detail" has a lot of information; expand that column a lot. For a TV sale row on the spreadsheet, the third item in the License Detail field will be "Media: Television". However, it's my understanding that Alamy does not give us sufficient information to make our own DACS claims for TV sales. I do my own DACS claims, but this year I had a TV sale. It is possible to give Alamy permission to claim only TV sales on your behalf, and I've taken that option. I expect Alamy will claim for that TV sale on my behalf next year, and I will claim for the other qualifying sales.
  12. I was sitting in my government office a block from the White House. We had heard about the first plane strike and had the news up on our PC's. When the second plane hit, we knew with everyone else what was happening. Amidst a stream of rumors about explosions in other parts of DC, we saw staff evacuating the Executive Office Building across the street. We decided it was time for us to leave, too. We only learned later that a plane had struck the Pentagon, and that another was on its way to some prime target in town. My car pool and a couple of extra passengers drove home through Rock Creek Park listening to the radio. When I got home, our daughter and our first grandchild came over, then her husband who got out early in Bethesda and we sat outside, not knowing how a one-year-old would react to the scenes on the tv. One thing we remember is the silence of the normally busy skies, except for the occasional fighter going over.
  13. A very small sensor and a very big focal range don't usually add up to QC acceptance, but it wouldn't hurt to try--that is, it wouldn't hurt my wallet for you to buy one and try a submission.
  14. Yeah, my son told me the Haze filter is very good, but I see that it's only in the CC version so far. Will definitely be moving to CC. thanks all
  15. First, yes, I've read prior posts on this, and have googled a bit. Just a couple of questions, mostly to verify: Adobe CC users don't pay any upgrade fee for new major versions, correct? Are your LR catalogs stored in the Adobe cloud or on your PC? Has anyone had any kind of difficulty in switching from standalone LR to CC? thanks (considering a B&H current US discount) Bill Kuta
  16. I just looked back over all my sales (been here since 2004). About 5% were refunded. The last one was October 2013. And as Wim said, most were put back in as sales, usually for a lesser amount, sometimes for the same amount (rejiggering the terms?), sometimes not put back in.
  17. Especially ironic that the subject of the tweet was locking up your property.
  18. I use the old one too. I went from Oct 4 to May 1 without submitting anything, and it still worked.
  19. I will confess to moving a flying seagull from one side of a seascape to another more compositionally pleasing location, and not owning up to it in the check-boxes. But at least the gull was already there. Am I gulling the buyer? EDIT: Woops, my not-so-bad: I see that it was the FAA version that has the relocated seagull. The Alamy version still has the gull in its original, sub-optimal, not-near-a-rule-of-thirds-intersection location.
  20. And let's not forget dressing the scene after the fact, by cleaning up bits of litter, fuzzy birds, etc.
  21. I think it's mainly the lantern on the left being so prominent. I might have moved up closer to exclude it. And maybe eliminate the flowers. But this is all just my personal taste. It is an interesting shot, and I could see it possibly selling. I don't have any argument with the processing, except I think I would have used noise reduction instead of additional sharpening. And in general I would never clone out a cloud, but I don't know what the original looked like.
  22. Go to bhphotovideo.com or other vendor and look at specs. The camera has a 1/2.3" sensor, which is a small point-and-shoot type sensor, and it has 12 megapixels. If it weren't attached to a drone, it most likely wouldn't pass QC. I don't know if there's any kind of special dispensation for drone shots. Edit: In fact, the page you linked to has that spec listed under Specs. In general, best to avoid any sensor less than 1" in this list and chart: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_sensor_format
  23. For me, the uploading question is moot because I wouldn't have taken it that way--way too busy for my tastes. Don't know what I'm supposed to look at first.
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