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  1. I've been steadily getting my usual low number of sales, and had a very good March ending with a $300 sale, and nothing since. But zooms have been good.
  2. Yep, fiber. We measure at high 80's down/low 90's up. I'm always amused by our fiber provider's ad that seeks to distinguish itself from our non-fiber cable provider: "We're not cable."
  3. DJ, your images strike me as being focused on nothing in particular, which probably means they're focused on whatever the autofocus selected, like somewhere on the dragon's body, or somewhere on the water in the middle distance in your shot of a boat prow with a beach in the background. Your compositions are good, but to succeed in stock photography, one of the things you must do is get the primary focus on the right point. Mark has told you the primary method for getting a camera to focus where you want. I see also that the G9X has a touch screen that lets you select the focus point (presuming that one of the 31 focus points is where you want to focus). Figure out how to get it into the touch-focus mode, and give it a try with that.
  4. Well, with regard to motivation, I've always found that new gear gets me out the door! Note: Solution may be incompatible with reduced sales.
  5. Ah, that explains it--I've only looked at AIM once (haven't submitted for a good while now).
  6. Hmmm...I just went to look at my submission history (I have three stars), but I don't see the button for that anywhere. Is it gone?
  7. I had a good-for-me March, in terms of sales and revenue. My zooms and CTR are trending up nicely. Re the new Image Manager: I tried improving a handful, then gave up. But I've been a user of quotes for my multi-word search terms ever since the last notational change, so maybe that put me in good stead.
  8. I have 47% of 2016 number of sales already, and 50% more sales than at this time last year. But 30% of revenue, and nothing over $60 yet.
  9. A good choice for a limited budget, and Nikon will give you more lens options in the future.
  10. Jan, you're talking about the Nikon D3300, which is a crop-sensor DSLR--i.e., it has an APS-C size sensor. The Sony mirrorless a5000, a6000 etc also have APS-C size sensors. The cameras are smaller because they're mirrorless--the lack of a mirror and prism results in a shorter lens-to-sensor distance, which allows for a smaller camera and lens. I've been using the Sony mirrorless for 3-4 years now, with no QC failures, including with the kit lenses (and the 16-70mm and 10-18mm, which also have their critics). All fine for Alamy work. The D3300 is also fine for Alamy work. I opted for the Sony's because of their smaller size.
  11. 235, all in May after a winter in Florida, except for one submission in July. Have been meaning to upload about 50 from Charlotte. I'm a very part-time stock shooter, mostly a full-time grandfather.
  12. I sold my 5D and lenses about three years ago using Craigslist and got almost twice what B&H/Adorama/KEH were offering. I always met the buyers in public places, and all went well. (I was a little apprehensive for the first sale, and had one of our sons and a friend on hand as heavies, but the buyer turned out to be a very friendly type.) For those squeamish about selling this way, some localities have "safe zones" adjacent to police stations for such transactions. As for when to sell--I sold the 5D and got Sony mirrorless due to a combination of: getting tired of lugging around a full-frame, when decent mirrorless had become available; upping the megapixel count; and getting tired of being on a first-name basis with all the resident dust specks on the 5D sensor.
  13. Glad that someone mentioned that specifically. In all these current threads on keywording and Alamy Image Manager, it seems there are a lot of Alamy-only contributors who are unaware of this main reason for keywording on your own end of the business.
  14. Also, I separate out multi-word items with commas when I keyword in Lightroom. Now (probably) they will be retained during Alamy intake.
  15. I wouldn't want them to use anything from my existing "main" box as supertags. Just like using the "essentials" box for the most relevant words, the aim isn't to fill it to capacity. This is part of the art of keywording accurately, and judging when you want a word to have a high, medium or low relevance. Geoff. Yeah, I see your point. I generally put the more important keywords in Main first, but not consistently. But Main is where I would get my additional supertags. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I have any images with keywords in the Comprehensive area. (I used to, but I cleaned those up during the last great re-do.
  16. Ah - when I click on one of my images where I put some keyword combinations in quotation marks (which is almost all of my images), I see that the commas separate out those keyword combinations. So I presume that such a keyword combination will be translated into a single tag. Doesn't solve the 10-supertag problem, though. But Alamy should be able to continue their extraction of supertags into the Main keyword field, until they reach 10. FYI, I have only used the old Manage Images.
  17. If one has been adding multi-word names and phrases in quotation marks (as I have), will such a quoted phrase be picked up as a single tag?
  18. Hi Bill, Just to jump in here, that's not what we said. You need to add restrictions for personal use within Manage Images. Best, Alamy Yes, sorry, meant to say Personal Use.
  19. Getting back to Alamy Prints... I asked Alamy about opting out of prints, and they said the way to do that is to turn off Novel Use for each image. I think this should be under Additional Revenue Options because, well, it's an additional revenue option. (Also must admit, I've only ever used the old Manage Images and wouldn't trust myself making a global change with the new Manage Images.)
  20. Now that's a handsome buzzard. All we get here are these ugly turkey vultures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey_vulture#/media/File:Cathartes_aura_-Florida_-USA_-upper_body-8.jpg
  21. They're selling prints? Yeah, I see...it goes to art.com. Do we know how much we get out of the listed prices? I have a few hundred images on a POD site (most of which are on Alamy) where I get more than the Alamy listed print price. Awaiting email from Alamy....... Awaiting changes to agreement to cover print sales...... Awaiting chance to opt out of this......
  22. Betty, my answer works for you probably because I use LR approximately the way you do. Keep on doing what works for you. For a tool like a hammer, there aren't a lot of different ways to use it; for a tool like Lightroom, there are many ways. And hang in there.
  23. I hope I'm not missing something in your question, but do you mean adding photos to one of your Lightroom folders? - In Library mode, right-click on the target folder - In the drop-down, choose "Import to this folder"
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