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  1. I might have written a similar post, around 2010 or so, but the numbers would have been a little different. I had a day with a half-dozen sales to the same buyer. I guess I had generally been getting sales that weren't dramatically different from the price calculator, which indicated that I had a record $1500 day. Imagine my ire when it turned out to be a mere $400 day, with most of the sales at $50. A reply from Alamy explained the bulk pricing, apparently my first encounter with it. I stopped submitting for some months, while concentrating on a couple of other stock sites, both of which then closed years ago.


    At the time, I had projected being at 5,000 images within a couple of years. Now, I'll be there sometime this summer.


    I do agree with Phil that many prices in recent months have been more encouraging (this week's dollar-to-me sale notwithstanding).

  2. Recent threads about scanning prompted me to: update my ancient copy of Vuescan (bless Ed Hamrick); get my Canon FS4000 out of the cabinet where it's been sitting for 15 years; hook it up via USB; and run a couple of random slides through.


    Darned if it didn't work! Darned if it didn't also remind me of the perils of trying to clean up slides, before and after scanning. And how slow it is.


    Back in the day, I connected it via SCSI, but I can't say that the USB (2) connection seemed any slower.




    What do you use to clean up slides before scanning?


    Any tips on maintenance/cleanup for the FS4000? 

  3. Sorry, this one is just too soft and mottled. Cool shot, but not for here.  Heed Betty's advice about not falling in love with an image that ultimately won't work.


    Another waste of time would be setting up an Alamy account to just try to sell one or two images. This is a long game where numbers count. Look up forum threads about "how long to first sale" to see how many hundreds or thousands of images you need to expect sales.

  4. Yeah, I was trying to straighten something out with another company, and, after finally getting a live person (and then a supervisor), still didn't make much headway. The other person's accent and scripted way of talking made me ask  where they were located, and they said the Philippines. Outsourcing sometimes doesn't work well (except for the front office).

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  5. 6 hours ago, Joseph Clemson said:

    Strange times. Tomorrow, I will lose the last zoom in my Alamy measures rolling month and, unless I get another zoom today, will then have nil zooms and CTR. Never had that except for the earliest days of being here. By way of contrast I have actually garnered more (small) sales this month than in the previous three. i suppose I should be grateful :unsure:


    Yes, I also had a few days of 0 zooms, very strange. But a couple of decent sales this week, and finally a couple of zooms.


    One of the sales was a distributor sale, but decent nonetheless. To Canada (!?)

  6. On January 7, 2019 at 18:29, Bill Brooks said:

    here is the body of an email I just sent to:  Alamy <contributors@alamy.com>


    Please mark all of my images "only available on Alamy”. That is all images in my account XXXXXXX@XXXXXX.com, including all pseudonyms.


    There are no similars to my Alamy images for sale at any other stock photo agency.


    There are a very small number of copy images of historic paintings that are in the public domain. I will revert the “only available on Alamy” designation for those copy images, as soon as you make it.


    Bill Brooks

    Check it out !!! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/billbrooks/favourites.html


    I sent a similar email. Didn't work for me--they told me how to do it myself. 

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