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  1. Yep, negative cleared balance here too.


    I see that the accounting detail for the "Other Fees" is "Rev/Manual Credit" followed by the image reference number, so it is specifically a reversal of the Manual Credits in early May.


    So did that boost my June 1 payout by the two $20 Manual Credits in early May? I would presume a Manual Credit is a cleared amount.

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  2. On 07/05/2021 at 19:36, Bill Kuta said:

    I had two $40 sales in 2020 (May and July, 50% commission). They cleared and I was paid commission.


    On April 8, 2021, those two sales were refunded, and the commissions recovered by Alamy.  My cleared balance went negative, and resales for the same amount were posted on April 9.


    It took two-three weeks or so for the resales to clear, and the clearings were backdated to April 9.


    At this point, my net was restored to what it was before the refunds.


    So I don't know what today's manual credits are for--it appears to be extra money, I won't be surprised if it's reversed soon.


    What I don't like about these refunds of paid-out sales is the temporary affect on my cleared balance. If the refunds-and-resales are just to restate terms and no money is changing hands between Alamy and the buyer, then no money should be changing hands between me and Alamy--the resale should clear when the resale is posted. But this is my speculation.


    And today's look-ahead shows two "Other Fees" of $20 each. (See my bolding in the expanded text above.)

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  3. Thanks to Alexandre for creating the interview and to Robz for posting it.


    My best years at Alamy by far were 2007 through 2010, with about half the portfolio as now.


    Then from 2010 to 2011, my sales went down about 50% and my revenue by about 75%. I was pursuing other platforms at the time, and had stopped submitting to Alamy from Oct 2010 to Sep 2011. Apparently Alamy's ranking counted regularity of submissions rather highly at the time; before 2011 I was submitting consistently and often. Since then, sales have recovered and even exceeded 2007-2010, but revenue is tanking.


    Last year, which included the Covid effect, had my lowest Alamy revenue since 2005.


    Fortunately, I'm retired and can do without my current Alamy income. My termination has been in for weeks now, and I'm getting off the merry-go-round.

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  4. 2 hours ago, NYCat said:


    ....So they have changed too. "We charge for commercial photography". ....




    In my experience, when an organization refers to "commercial photography", they often mean a planned shoot with models, lighting, tripods, carts of equipment, etc. 


    OTOH, when I've asked such an organization for clarification about stock photography, they usually had no idea what I was talking about.


    Overall, though, I think we are now in an era where it doesn't suffice to find there is an absence of rules about photography at a venue. We should probably try to get positive confirmation that what we want to do is OK, and also assume that some years hence it will no longer be OK at that venue.

  5. While the liability verbiage may have been in the Alamy contract in about the same words forever, sometimes the liability ground shifts beneath us, as organizations start asserting various intellectual property rights that they had not stated before.


    Two or three years ago I received an email from a lawyer representing an old Washington DC organization, demanding that I take down my images from there. Since their photography policy then stated that images from there could not be used for profit, I complied and took down those images. When she started asking about what income I had ever made from the images, I replied that archived web pages from their site from when I took the photos show that they had no photography policy listed, and in fact encouraged visitors to take lots of photos. Thanks to the wayback machine, I was able to tell her the whole history of their photo policy development. I also pointed out that when I took the photos, there was no ticketing for tours and no photo policies posted. I never heard from her again. 


    Sometimes an organization contacts Alamy with the same concerns, and Alamy takes the necessary steps.


    But the point is that many organizations are asserting more rights, which is another effect on potential liability.

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  6. Thanks!  I went through my submissions prior to your list. I noted the first two characters of the Alamy ref numbers, but as you can see in the list, the first two characters (and therefore the Alamy reference numbers) do not exactly maintain chronological order, at least in the A's.


    AK - Apr 2004
    AP - May 2004
    AS - Jun 2004
    AY - Jul 2004
    A1 - Aug 2004
    A5 - Sep 2004
    A8 - Oct 2004
    A1 - Mar 2005
    A6 - May 2005
    AF - Aug 2005
    AJ - Sep 2005
    AK - Oct 2005
    AR - Nov 2005
    AA - May 2006
    AB - Jun 2006
    AD - Jul 2006
    AG - Aug 2006
    AJ - Sep 2006
    AP - Oct 2006
    A2 - Jan 2007
    A4 - Mar 2007
    AC - Jul 2007
    AT - Feb 2008
    AY - Apr 2008
    B1 - Jun 2008
    B3 - Sep 2008
    B4 - Oct 2008
    B5 - Oct 2008
    B7 - Jan 2009
    B8 - Feb 2009

  7. I'm trying to collect maximum information about my time at Alamy, and want to figure out approximately how many images I had up on a given date. I know I could go through all my submissions and copy the dates and numbers of images into a spreadsheet, but I don't care to do that for 277 subs (yes, I know, many contribs have way more). It's going to be approximate anyway, since I don't know of a way to account for deletions I have done.


    I did the "download your data," so I have a list of my images by Alamy reference number, which puts them in submission order, but does not have submission date.


    Does anyone have a list of when the various Alamy reference number initial characters were applied? That would be close enough for my purposes.


    Or is there a way to download submission data? I can copy the text in the list of submissions, but don't see how to format it out into columns in a spreadsheet.

  8. OK, so some contract changes were amended about as expected, and I've received an email (as someone who had already sent a termination email) inviting me to un-terminate if I so desire. What to do? 


    I'll say this again:  If Alamy wants individual contributors to stay, they need to allow contributors a period when they can immediately delete images that may be problematic, based on the contributor's current understanding of liability. It doesn't matter if the liability language has been in the contract forever. What matters is the contributor's current understanding of liability, and a desire to get rid of images that may be deemed problematic.


    I'm not sure what to do about re-licensing of previously sold images; I presume this would be governed by the original licensing terms.


    Allowing a clean-up period could also enable contributors to get rid of deadwood images and tighten up their portfolios.


    Side note: I see that the current (2019) contract says we can delete images with 180 days notice; in the new contract, it's 90 days (clause 2.4 in both cases). My non-lawyer assumption is that this is an Alamy rule that they could waive.


    I doubt that I'll be taking back my termination (all this has enabled me to "get over" stock photography, at least at Alamy). But if I were to come back into the fold, it would only be if I were able to delete images as I saw fit before July 24, the new contract date.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    The latest thing Bezos has done is something called “Amazon Street”. If you have any of the devices, tomorrow you’ll be signed in for your neighbors to access your Wi-Fi, and you their’s.  Read about it. If you have Alexa, go into the app. Bottom right, click on “More”. Go to Settings, then “Account Settings” then “Amazon Street.” Turn the slider to off.

    I heard, whether it’s true or not, that Bezos said, “If you don’t like it, sue me! Hahaha.”

    A TV station in my old home town (Oklahoma City) ran a news series on it last week and the danger it could be to your personal information. My sister who lives in Oklahoma called me or otherwise I wouldn’t know about it. How many other people with Amazon devices don’t know? If you have no devices, you’re okay.


    Good advice, but make that "Amazon Sidewalk."  A bit of overreach.

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  10. Many contributors are trying to figure out what they need to do to stay with Alamy if there are no material changes to the new contract. Ever-diligent Alamy staff are helping out as they can with mass changes to portfolios. Kumar and others have provided steps they are taking.


    I think if Alamy does want us individual contributors to stay, they should explicitly announce and provide a temporary range of services for helping contributors tailor their portfolios.


    Contributors who feel that they have some images that will have more potential liability under the new contract (or who have realized through this thread that they have always had those potential liabilities) may be in a difficult place if they want to delete some images, and stay with Alamy beyond June 30. Images that we annotate for deletion are not deleted until after 180 days. Images that have previously sold can be re-licensed for the next two years. Other ways to try to make images unseeable or unlicensible (delete keywords, add "not for sale" note, etc) may or may not work. 


    So, I think that the services Alamy could provide for those wanting to stay should include true deletion of selected images. 


    What say you, Alamy?


    (Apologies if this has been suggested elsewhere in this thread. Not going to read through it again.)

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  11. I've seen plenty of roadkill groundhogs over the years out here in what used to be the exurbs. More often deer, though, it seems.


    Which I'll free-associate into another story involving roadkill. We were lunching riverside in Everglades City, Florida in 2015 (food photo on Alamy to prove it 😋), and struck up a conversation with a man who turned out to be one of the park rangers. We talked a lot about the Burmese Python problem in the Everglades. He said that one thing the Park Service has done for years is conduct a periodic roadkill survey, as a rough population gauge for small mammals etc.  He said that now (six years ago!) the roadkill survey yields hardly anything, because the pythons have eaten up most of the critters.

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