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  1. Just google (or search on Alamy!) for "red flowers black seed pods".
  2. You been poking around our yard, John? 😃 The Asiatic lilies are fading now, but the Red Hot Pokers are coming in. I can't take credit, though--the previous owner was a Navy doctor who was a bit property-starved from his assignments, and went on quite a planting spree here. He did a good job, but we did eliminate a couple of large gardens and the 25-30 raised beds.
  3. Compared to last year's totals, I have about 40% of sales and 20-25% of revenue. This is doubly bad because I am usually ahead of the previous year at this point, and dwindle away the rest of the year. Getting good zooms, though.
  4. Lately, I've been digging up/digitizing/submitting slides for archival, so no QC holdups here.
  5. Right now my rolling month stats are 11 zooms for 1,111 views. Good omen? All aces? with .99 CTR. Three sales this month, but low $. Edit: and sales $ just decreased, with a refund and resale for smaller amount.
  6. Zooms are doing pretty well, some good CTR levels have been mostly due to some low View levels, but sales remain poor for my slowest start in 8-9 years. Anybody want to trade some zooms for some sales?
  7. Another word to look up. Here we call it Kadima (actually, most here call it "Pro Kadima" because that's what the overwhelmingly dominant brand calls it). Pretty much just played on the beach in my experience, so you get pretty rusty between beach outings.
  8. I received my spacer ring from Hong Kong, and have inserted it between my 50mm macro lens and the Nikon ES-1. The spacer ring adds 28mm, and I find that I can nicely fill the frame with just about 100% of the slide content on my Canon SL1 18mp APS-C, with the ES-1 unextended. The ES-1 can extend 24mm, so I really only needed another 4mm if I were to extend the ES-1 all the way. Kind of lucked out that 28mm was just right. Good to go now on DSLR slide copying 😎
  9. Thanks, Chuck. I used the IR scanning on "light" setting--that's what I did back when I used the Canon software. I'll have to try it without the IR scan. There was plenty of spotting to do anyway, which I do in Lightroom.
  10. I removed the back panel and metal cover from my Canon FS4000, but the mirror face is at an angle (duh) and not quite visible through a side opening. The lamp is also barely visible, and the sensor is still buried on the other side across the channel where the slide holder moves. So no clear path to cleaning anything. It seems to work adequately, although when it does an IR scan in Vuescan, the middle third of the onscreen display of the IR scan is darker than the outer two-thirds. Not sure what that might mean. So I scanned a few slides that I never digitized from the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in 2004. They'll be my latest nine images tomorrow or whenever.
  11. Chuck Nacke or other Canon FS4000 user: I decided that while I'm waiting for my extension ring from Hong Kong, I may as well be using my FS4000. It's been sitting in a cabinet for years, but I tried it tonight and it works fine, on my Win10 PC using Vuescan and a USB cable. The resulting scans don't seem quite as bright as I expected, so maybe I need to clean the internals? Have you ever done this? I googled the subject, and one guy said if you remove six screw on the bottom and slide off the metal cover, you have access to the mirror, sensor and lamp, and can use a blower brush.
  12. Saw in another source today: They should put more wine in a bottle, so that there's enough for two. I've never been able to clean out my house because I didn't have the time. This week I discovered that's not the reason.
  13. I can remember realizing one day about 25 years ago, when I had had my beard for about 15 years already, that I didn't mentally picture myself with a beard. Do now, though.
  14. A few times, I've missed putting a caption on an image. That will prevent it from going on sale, and It might not be obvious what the problem is.
  15. Our letter carrier wears gloves, and much of the intermediate mail handling is automated, BUT before getting to our house, the letter carrier has also picked up outgoing mail from possibly hundreds of other mailboxes.
  16. You may be right about needing a bit more extension on the ES-1. The macro lens is only extended out to 1:1.5, but the ES-1 is extended all the way out. Sadly, I don't have anything on hand to add to the extension. But I'm pretty happy with the results so far anyway. Edit: Just ordered an extension ring from Hong Kong. Will quarantine and fumigate upon arrival.
  17. After a bit more messing about, I've eliminated the Sigma close-up lens and captured a little bit more (almost all) of the visible frame in the slide mount. Now it's: Canon SL1 APS-C Vello 21mm extension tube Canon 50mm f2.5 macro lens Nikon ES-1, extended most of the way out
  18. OK, pixel-peepers don't bother reading this one. After a little noodling around, I cobbled together on-hand items, and can get most of a slide with a Nikon ES-1 and an APS-C camera. Back to front: --Canon SL1 18mp APS-C camera --Vello 31mm extension tube --Canon 50mm f2.5 macro lens --Sigma achromatic macro lens (a 1.6x "close-up lens") --Nikon ES-1 extended about a half-inch Results look good, but I just grabbed a random slide. Will need to look for sharpest ones. What I don't get is, I'm capturing nearly all of the long edges of the frame (i.e., the edges at the top and bottom of a horizontal image), but lose a small but noticeable amount at the sides. Again, just trying to see what might work from what I already have. It helps that the Canon lens, Sigma close-up lens, and ES-1 all have 52mm threads.
  19. Years ago, I used a collection of programs to do what Lightroom does. Switching to LR (first non-subscription, then subscription) was wonderful, not only because I had one tool that did it all, but also it did most of the tasks better. What I don't like about the Adobe subscription model is that I use only LR, but have to pay for PS as well. Any time I get a satisfaction survey from Adobe, I fill it with pleas to unbundle the two products.
  20. I suggested what I did because it's exactly what I did to an eight-year-old HP laptop running Windows 7: replaced the HD with an SSD myself (found helpful youtube video for my exact model), then did a fresh install of Windows 10 (OK, that's another $100, but avoids Win7 non-support issues). It's running better than ever, but that's usually one result from a fresh OS install. Didn't encounter any problems.
  21. Depends on what's "dried up" in your laptop. If the hard drive has gone bad, you can probably get a 1Tb SSD drive for $100-120, replace the bad one, reinstall your OS, and it might work better than ever.
  22. Nothing this month but a $100 refund & resale. The refund is of a long-cleared and paid sale from early last year, giving me a negative cleared balance at the moment. (See "Refunds" thread.) Also my slowest start since 2010, way behind recent years. But my search results remain good. So yeah, easy to believe there's some admin realignment behind the scenes.
  23. And a clawback: since the April 2019 sale being refunded had cleared last year, and the resale hasn't, I now have a cleared balance of $-38.40.
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