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  1. I think that Alamy is going to be absolutely inundated with happy snaps. Having seen the samples yesterday that were swiftly removed, if they are examples of images that have been passed, I would hate to see the ones that have been rejected. The simple message here is put them under a separate search tab and everybody is happy.....but that will not happen until the major customers/clients start to kick off. Time is money and clients will not want to start sifting through mountains of images to find the one that meets their requirements, whether that be for quality images or I-phone images....
  2. Are any of us normal Mirco? ?! Good to see you are still here........
  3. I also do not have a problem with these images being added but separated from the rest ! Unfortunately, as was the case with keywords being visible to all, I guess the decision has been made and that is that. I just can't help having the uneasy feeling that the race to the bottom has just been stepped up a gear....
  4. December 2004, sent test submission of 12 tiffs on cd in January 2005....!!
  5. So is it not possible to allow only registered clients/buyers to see this additional info in the same way that only certain clients/buyers zooms will register?
  6. For your “test” submission, please send FOUR images. Once your “test” submission has passed Quality Control (QC) you can send as many as you like. Possibly didn't help your first submission.......
  7. I use the same method thanks to a BJP article by David K. Copy stand, daylight balanced light box, 1:1 macro lens and a De Vere slide insert from an enlarger for holding mounted slides. For colour or monochrome negs, I use card masks pre cut to size with a little weight each end to hold flat. Have had really good results, they are selling and being zoomed....out of seven zooms this week, three are from using this method. Dust and minor scratches have been minimal, the only problem I have found is with very contrasty slides....maybe have to experiment with a pre flash type exposure later.Gettin
  8. Also still waiting on six batches, going back to the 27th !! Not had a fail in over four years....but....but.... ! "The better your QC history the shorter the time you will have to wait" Hmmmm !!!!!! Hope the Saturday club is back in full swing !!! Thank you also Alamy for January pay out !
  9. I do one every year and use Vistaprint,not been disappointed yet.....
  10. Had two of those....the first one calling me "Helen"...and the second one apologising for calling me "Helen",duh !!!
  11. Can't say that I have noticed any great drops,zooms are steady but not huge,ctr consistent and currently at 0.54.Sales also ok,one last week for $150,same the week before and one this morning for $180,surrounded by a few over the last two weeks for the normal $30-$40 so,it's encouraging to see that reasonably priced licences are still to be had....
  12. Glad I wasn't photographing this wedding....it's hard enough at the best of times !! Here is the correct link...I hope !!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2426602/Minister-stops-wedding-ceremony-shout-photographers.html
  13. Bought a Fuji X.Pro 1 with 35mm prime six weeks ago to take to Indonesia as didn't want to cart my D700 kit there again,broke the golden rule of going away with untried kit !Have to say that I had a lot of advice and help with a raft of questions from a forum member (you know who you are !!)which went a long way to avoiding any mistakes. Have to say that it is a complete pleasure to use,light and unobtrusive,a bit quirky,especially focus....found that using the centre spot to focus and then recomposing was not always the best way to work ! I shot using raw + J.peg and again,for the first tim
  14. I bought an x.pro a couple of weeks ago with 35mm lens as I didn't really want to cart my d700 kit over here to Indonesia again. After a week of using it,have to say that it is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time and have no doubts in building on this system further ! Will be keeping the Nikon also but think it will be spending most of It's time in It's bag !
  15. Hmmmm...I had one of these drop in today for a three figure fee.....I DON'T want to quit !!!
  16. I also have an I.Mac which I bought a while ago but I have not yet used it for any post processing....everything looks good on it except...I seem to be losing detail in the shadows. I can process a pic on my laptop and it looks good everywhere else and prints fine...but the shadows are a bit darker and details tend to disappear when viewed on the I.Mac....I don't know why? Am using it in "out of the box mode" !!
  17. Hi Duncan,many thanks for taking the time and trouble to write all of this down,very helpful,better than many "reviews" I have read and much appreciated ! It was the Fuji that I had set my sights on in the beginning as it would suit a lot of the subjects that I shoot and would be a lot easier to travel lightly with.I do not intend it to replace the D700 but to compliment it...but the thought of taking my D700 to Indonesia again in the near future makes me want to buy a carry around sooner rather than later! As I said,having used my friends Nex 7 for a few hours,was very impressed with the han
  18. Many thanks Duncan and Richard,useful info...I was aware of the watercolour effect but hopefully,that will be overcome with time....but I don't want to be waiting to long for the "cure" and have a huge backlog of raw Fuji files to process ! Interesting also to learn of the Nex problems from first hand users...having had a brief play with the Nex 7,think I need to have a try with the X pro as well and take it from there. In the meantime,will continue using the GF1 as a carry around....
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