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  1. Gross average sale price down from 39.50 for 2018 to 19.10 this year so far. At only 40% of that this makes it a waste of time. Shame as had a few good years in a row.
  2. 50 times less than April last year. Dead duck for me this year and the 60% kick in the teeth makes it seem pointless. Last year and the year before we both excellent. Time to just sit on the port and put no effort into it me thinks.
  3. There are only really 3 or 4 MS agencies worth bothering with these days. The top 3 all make at least 10x the smaller agencies. They tend to be the ones that have the easiest submission systems as well.
  4. I have had the best year on Alamy in 11 years of submitting, both in terms of revenue and RPL. This was enough to make me start to produce content that was going to be exclusive. Forget that idea for 20% less.
  5. For me only works in MS Edge browser under windows 10. For the same location, in firefox or chrome the list of results is rendered below the map I believe. Just one of the many many issues with the new image manager.
  6. Shockingly bad worst for years. 2016 was an excellent year with sales and revenue very strong. Jan 2017 seemed OK. Will let the dust settle but if the next few months are as bad then I for one will not upload here. The new upload system simply doesnt work half the time and takes even more effort than the old one.
  7. Yep Two BMEs in a row. Think Alamy results are appearing much higher in Google Images for a starters.
  8. When my MK2 dies I intend to get an A7R or 6D. The 5D MK3 is very overpriced in my opinion. I hoped the MK2 would last a good few more years unfortunately I have started getting a number of issues with it.
  9. Personally do not use lens hoods other than to keep rain off and also for night shots. On full frame they introduce another layer of vignetting. I prefer to manually shade the lens to increase contrast. I am however on a tripod taking my time. If I head into the streets I sometimes pop one on. If your shooting straight into the sun then there is not a lot of point having a hood on
  10. As mark says Manage Images uses flash. Adobe dropped flash for Linux, however I believe Google support it in Chrome. So install Chrome Browser and see if that helps.
  11. Have been working in IT for over 13 years including 10 years on a network of over 4000 PCs, every manufacture ends up producing a model of drive with issues now and again. IBM did it way back when which resulted in them jumping ship from producing drives full stop. I would have to say Western Digital has one of the highest mechanical failure rates of any manufacture I have come across. At one point Samsung were in my opinion producing the best drives, unfortunately they are now produced by Seagate which are also a company with a chequered past, I (personally went through three 1.5 TB drive
  12. Thanks Graham, still not sure why the same sale appears twice, will await the refund.
  13. Just had two drop into my sales report both for the same amount both for "1072-8 ; Month: 09SEPa" guess one will be refunded. How does one track down the Calendar?
  14. That Budapest off my to do list. Its a bit like a National Trusts poor treatment of photographers, I used to be a fan of the trusts work, after having load of work pulled due to their policies (not talking building shots) I now do my very best to avoid giving them a penny.
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