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  1. Thanks Sally! I´ve still got that device somewhere in the moving boxes with a couple of joysticks and a floppy drive. Fully working too, I guess.
  2. As I guessed, this was refunded and sold again to same buyer at lower price. Is this the new normal...? Not that I care, I have lost my interest to Alamy.... it´s their business and they do what they want.
  3. Got a sale (low $$) after a long while. Hope they knew what they bought.
  4. I´m really glad I have no sales at Alamy recently. I guess I´ll never have in the future... Some possible infingements or unreported sales thou detected but no reply from Alamy...
  5. My wow is that I got no low $ sales in March (either). I got no sales at all...
  6. This is from few yers back but the winter looked like this in Finland after a long time:
  7. Blind Bartimeus, an old wooden pauper statue of medieval church of Hauho Finland. Shot a couple of years back but uploadad recently.
  8. I combined my three images here. Suomenlinna ferry just left: 1st of May demonstration in Tartu Estonia: Kohtuotsa in Tallinn Estonia:
  9. Don´t know if this is a beautiful nature picture but I think it has very Finnish tones and colours...
  10. Metal post of an old suspension bridge near the medieval castle ruins in Viljandi Estonia. The bridge seems to have been made in Riga Latvia in 1870s.
  11. These are some of the beautiful buildings of the Suomenlinna fortress island in Helsinki Finland:
  12. Thanks Betty. This is a few years back but now we have a proper winter back this year.
  13. Bought the last ones at the grocery shop. This time I did the right way, first photographed then ate...
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