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  1. Peat protest in Helsinki Finland:
  2. I found one quite recently and reported it to Alamy and they did their job very well. Or it may have been an unreported sale as well...
  3. This was sold for presentation use for low $$. I guess You all remember these little things from Your childhood...
  4. Lenin museum in Tampere Finland. That´s where I live nowadays, I´ve just moved. Not the museum but Tampere...
  5. Low $$ travel guide sale. Composer Arvo Pärt as a schoolboy in Rakvere Estonia
  6. This was sold a couple of years ago but it was an unreported sale. I tracked it down and It´s now reported as a sale. Low $ and not worth the efford. Alamy never replied to me and suddenly this appeared as a sale. .
  7. Shot a few years back but uploaded this April. And yes, I love Tallinn Kalamaja:
  8. Kiitos neuvosta, kirjoitan kuitenkin edelleen suomeksi.
  9. Miksi? Muutkin kirjoittavat omalla äidinkielellään.
  10. Millainen viive Alamylla on vastauksissaan. Kysyin näet mahdollisesta raportoimattomasta myynnistä mutta Alamy ei ole vaivautunut vastaamaan. Eikö Alamya kiinnosta tällainen toiminta?
  11. Minusta olisi mukavaa ja ehkä hyödyllistäkin jos kaikki kirjoittaisimme englanniksi, vai mitä tuumaatte?
  12. Thanks Sally! I´ve still got that device somewhere in the moving boxes with a couple of joysticks and a floppy drive. Fully working too, I guess.
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