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  1. Mid $$ Country: FinlandUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 August 2021End: 01 August 2026Finland, Book, print and/or e-book
  2. I´ll be submitting for some time more but keep aiming elsewhere...
  3. A list of those countries could be useful. I´d like to remove them from my distribution list and I know Alamy can´t publish such a list.
  4. I removed Indonesia from the distribution list. Perhaps there´s nothing else to do.
  5. Thanks a lot Wim! Seems I´ve got a lot of work to do... If the sales are something like 0.10 $ per image, it is no wonder Alamy is not interested in chasing these possible infringements...
  6. That´s just what I did. And Alamy will not do anything about this. That´s what they replied to me.
  7. I reported a potential infringement to Alamy. I found one image of mine at: https://rumahmigran.com/2020/01/24/mengirim-uang-dari-luar-negeri-ke-indonesia-itu-mudah/ It´s the photo of North Korean bank notes Got a reply that they cannot or will not do anything. They only chase infringements in UK US Canada Europe Australia India So what can I do...
  8. This is from a couple of years back and from Haapsalu Estonia:
  9. Found this old doll from somewhere, must´ve been loved by someone:
  10. I made a series of drawings in test purposes. This sale popped in last night and was sold for mid $. And yes, that´s J. Epstein if You did not recognise... Country: TurkeyUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: up to 25,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 June 2021End: 02 June 2021Turkey, Newspaper - national
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