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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies.Just want to let you know guys that my paypal just received money from alamy. Party Time ! Thank you Alamy.
  2. I have never had any apple's laptop/pc butJust curious..! are they (apple's laptop/pc) better than any other windows pc/laptop ? i am asking this because i had dell laptop with very bad experience and now considering to apple's mac system.. But Allan i would also suggest that get at least 16GB ram if you don't like frequent changes/buys
  3. Hello everyone, I received alamy's email saying they have paid my due amount through paypal on 1st nov 2013, but i have yet not received any money to my paypal. I contacted MS earlier and they said that it can take upto 9 days. While i am waiting for the response of my 2nd mail to MS, i am bit anxious now, so asking you all if any one faced similar delay ? Did anyone receive money to paypal even later after 10-12 days ? I am bit worried as now we can not see our paypal address in my alamy to assure if there was any mistake while typing email address...
  4. sometimes things done with good intentions are misused... anyways one thing can be done that the name/ID also pops up when one votes up or down for someone
  5. never mind john if you missed just 1 last digit in actual paid amount. Lets hope that you (& we all too) dont miss any digit from calculated price for at least one of our upcoming sales (though i am not that hopefull )
  6. Congrats for this sale John.. is the price same what the alamy price scale says or less? nvm i would love to see 450$ for a sale... did any body else get similar sale recently ?
  7. Ahh.. i don't realize that another month has ended until i see this thread.. just 3 sales (distributor) for gross 21.42$ and net 6.42$ for total about 600 images.. Highest and lowest both = 7.14$
  8. Well said losdemas. I have no intention to share my images online too. I think pinterest is ok for promotion of your products in sites like zazzle. Few days back i got 2 sales (custom messnger bags) for 80$ each (to me) and the buyer came to know about my products from pinterest. Flickr.. yeah i have also deleted all of my images except some which are in getty. Most of my images were stolen from my flickr gallery only
  9. No matter whether its RM or RF.. i am getting same low price for my sales irrespective of their license types.. yesterday i got 2 RM and one RF ( Indian distributors) for same price.
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