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  1. Hi Bryan, a double thanks as you’ve spotted two for me in January 👍👍
  2. In the eyes of Alamy adding your name as a tag is the crime committed here, not the copying of keywords, therefore you’ve had the same telling off that they will get!
  3. Just had the same licence in today, first one I’ve seen... Country: WorldwideUsage: Business use, One of each of the following uses: Personal use, presentation, internal communication, student project, reference for artist, personal website, personal social media, personal print or card, business website, small book (up to 1000 print run, not front cover), small magazine/newspaper (up to 1000 print run), a digital marketing campaign. Worldwide license. Excludes advertising.Start: 07 January 2019Duration: In perpetuity
  4. When I joined 4 years ago you didn’t have access automatically and had to request access with a reason.
  5. Out of interest the image search isn’t working on my iPhone, it just comes up blank with no images for any search term and no issue message. I'm sure clearing cookies or history would help, but I don’t think any buyers will bother doing this!
  6. Whatever is passing QC today I don't think the current homepage image should have passed... massive CA!
  7. I had the same thing a few months ago where my cleared balance on my dashboard dropped in value a few days before the end of the month. Alamy won’t investigate without a screenshot, but who does this!
  8. Thank you for the spot, don’t recall a zoom for this one. Edit: it was zoomed!
  9. It’s a long game, but fortunately all the answers are here on the forum with a lot of experts giving their wisdom (I’m not one of the experts!)
  10. Be ruthless when you search for your own images.... “abandoned Ford Capri” your image is front page, but “abandoned car” I don’t see you image. Realistically that image is competing in the latter search as an editor looking to illustrate an article with an abandoned car image proabably won’t be interested in the make and model. Have a try with some generic terms to find your images, I found that a useful process.
  11. Three right from Steven Fry (bald with orange handkerchief) is Matt Dawson (ex rugby player) then Vernon Kay (TV presenter), his wife Tess Daily (also TV presenter), don’t know the woman, then Geoff Boycott in the beige suit (ex cricket player)
  12. Really useful link with some good information, thanks for sharing.
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