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  1. This thread reminded me to search on google and I found a new sale for a book that's to be released in 2015. Hopefully it won't take too long to show up on alamy.
  2. Some time ago I read John Shaw's business of nature photography. In it he mentioned that one could expect roughly $1/image/year in revenue from licensing. Based on this thread, it seems like the numbers are still in the right ballpark. (On reflection, maybe this is low because images can be licensed in multiple venues and directly by photographer).
  3. Yes, but 8 pm at this time of year is long after dark. The fountain also isn't running, so there probably weren't very many people around. 8 pm in June is far safer. I wouldn't walk through any Chicago park alone after dark and I'm a pretty big guy. Good point. I wasn't thinking about the time of year and mentally went back to summer.
  4. I'm surprised it happened around buckingham fountain. I haven't been there in years but it's not an area I would have considered high risk.
  5. I had the gitzo 1541t model but I ended up selling it because I didn't think it was stable enough for my setup (canon 5D with f/4 FF zooms). The tripod is indeed very light and due to the way the legs fold, has a very small packed size (small enough to fit inside your pack). However the legs have relatively small diameters (larger diameter -> stiffer) and the last leg is pencil thin as I recall. Currently I'm using a velbon elcarmagne 640 as my travel tripod (when flying) and if I had to replace it I would get something of similar size (maybe a gitzo 2-series or possibly a RRS tripod).
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