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  1. Hi Doc. At present receiving NHS Physio treatment ....doing all the exercises etc But appreciate the comment!!
  2. Thanks Simon. I went to your Amazon ref but the picture shows the arm position & movement I can't sustain at present
  3. I am left handed but all my photographic shooting work is done right handed and it is my right shoulder that is affected. Thank you for your comments. Apart from it will last a year.... that cheered me up no end!! :)
  4. Good morning All. Cut a long story short after shoulder injury and "frozen Shoulder"..... I received 2 weeks ago a 'corticosteroid' injection into shoulder to assist recovery of shoulder movement. Still under continued medical care. I just tried to hold in shooting posture my Canon 5d mk3 and 100 Macro . I lasted about 5 seconds. Has one else gone through the same scenario ?. Is that my photography finished?? Did you change camera kit?? Or now do you use Monopod or tripod???? Any advice or experience of the same?? (FOR ALAMY my work & submission have now just died!!!) Thanks for comments & practical suggestions. Sparks
  5. Thanks ...have appreciated all the practical advice and will apply.. regards Sparks
  6. Sorry folks...it is sand, dust haze I mean....not heat. Space Cadet.....that is the area where I have problems, round to Oman & up suez.. Subjects are mainly coast, shipping, warships, container ports Any advice Sparks
  7. Good morning ALL seeking advice on how to "cut through" DESERT HAZE (Middle east) affecting various raw files that I wish to work on in Lightroom before sending in submission. I haven't any experience on desert work preparation. All advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks Sparks!
  8. Noticed on the BBC news one point that might help. The Chinese symbol for writing the word goat, sheep or ram is the same "letter". in the Chinese alphabet which they showed on the screen. Hence the slight confusion. When you read this symbol you can put in which word/animal you like. I suppose it would depend on the overall context of the sentence. Not that I can read Chinese but it was an interesting point. Best regards Sparks
  9. Good morning all, Each day I check my stats etc for sales, views, zooms. Then I check "All of Alamy" to see what was being looked for the previous day. There is always-ish a subject matter that I have on file with Alamy but without that particular keyword etc. So I edit the particular picture(s) and add that keyword. This I KNOW is "closing the gate after the horse has bolted"...but I still do it. I just wonder do picture researchers ever come back to double check (and then my picture may stand a chance) or "Has that boat sailed". Any experiences or words of wisdom? Do we all do that same?? Someone will probably say "get the keywording right the first time"....but you think you have and you get caught out by that ONE word!! Best regards Sparks!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I'll be staying as I am Sparks
  11. Thanks! see where you are coming from. I don't shoot "news" work but yes obvious benefit of straight jpegs.
  12. Have been following subject reference Lightroom. I have a Canon 5dmk3 so I know I can export Raw & Jpegs into Lightroom. BUT I have only ever used the Raw files since going digital many moons ago. (I have my camera set up only to store raw files when shooting). I have found no confusion etc just sticking to Raw file processing etc in lightroom. But it is very apparent many do use Raw & jpeg from canon files. May I ask why??...how do you use them?..what advantages do you find?? etc Thank you. I look forward to replies.....have I been missing out all these years?? Best regards Sparks
  13. Thanks for advice. Looks like its a purchase when the initial price drops. I do need the extra wide angle for work/submissions. I have an EF 28-70 F2.8 which has been a very good work horse for a long time, but thanks for pointing at the 24-70 And when I get richer?? I'll be looking again at the 400 F5.6 Do you think they'll update it with an IS version? Thanks Sparks
  14. Morning All just a quick question. I'm giving thought to updating my Canon 17-40 F4 L lense for the latest Canon16-35 F4 l lense. (to fit onto Canon 5d mk3) or should I keep the money and continue to plan for getting a 400 F5.6 L Any opinions welcome. Thank you Sparks Thanks for your time
  15. Good morning ALL I would like to tap into the experiences and advice of any that have work with Alamy on these destinations please. Joan & I, for our 40th anniversary, in April 2015, we are flying out to join a ship at Dubai to sail via Straits of Hormuz, Red sea and the Suez Canal then via Istanbul, to home. UK. For example what lenses to carry....I have Canon L series lenses....will the 28-70 L be sufficient or should I add the 17-40L. Is there any point in taking a 100 macro. I have the 70-300 L series telezoom for the rest..I don't see me managing a tripod, though I normally always shoot with tripod. Would the purchase of the 400 5.6 l be worthwhile and carrying the weight?? We are planning a trip or two from the ship in Egypt...what destinations have you found a waste of effort....what ones would you go back to?? Looking at Alamy pics..etc..the Pyramids have been "done to death" but are they still good to go to? What other Egyptian destinations would say is just as good or better? Safety security...advice?? The questions could be endless .....but I'm just trying to plan ahead at this early stage. Or should I just forget about work and relax. On our previous sea voyages I often come home with 4000 raw files that keeps me busy for months!! If you have time to share your thoughts....it would be much appreciated Thank you very much Sparks!
  16. Good morning All. Do you find more sales/zooms result from deleting older pictures and submitting same picture enhanced with latest level LR etc software? . I read that many go through reviewing keywording and I do the same till I go cross-eyed! At the moment that seems mainly deleting keywords. But how many review and resubmit actual pictures? Do the hours spent doing so reap fruitage? Thank you. Sparks!
  17. Again THANKS to all. Have been reading all the replies and appreciate the good advice. January 2015 doesn't seem so daunting after all...the photography & submissions will continue but at a more pleasant pace. It looks like a topic that's been good. Regards Sparks!
  18. Thanks for all the replies and enjoying them. Gleaning some good ideas!!
  19. Thanks for your for advice. Maybe I phrased the statements wrong. The frozen shoulder was dealt with by physiotherapy a while ago. I'm just trying to sound out the members as to how they balance out getting older and still enjoying submissions & photography Sparks!
  20. Good morning All. Though I've been an Alamy contributor a fair while and have enjoyed reading forum this is my 1st post. in 4 weeks time I reach UK retirement age and will "slow up". Having suffered "Frozen shoulder" with hours at submissions & keywording at the computer my family are quite happy for me to call it quits. I don't intend to but will seek a more balanced approach. So to those out there of "Silver hair Variety" ...what do you do??? (I just tried a week's leave out my self employment schedule and was bored out my mind.....but I do wish to dispel the aches and pains of computer usage.) I look forward to your replies. Sparks! (a nautical term for those from the radio room at sea)
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