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  1. Good morning all. Since retiring....does onto ever retire as an alamy photographer????...have taken up art. .particularly oil painting..and enjoying it. But noticed an image of a car boot open and an easel set up for starting a picture....a painter among us who tHought thats a good image ..etc...was just wondering how many of us enjoy both aspects of scenery and how conflicting it is to either paint, photograph or get on with a fresh submission of keywording. Back to my coffee!!!! Best regards Sparks
  2. To arterra Thanks!! for reply.....it looks like a sale for some shop in UK Sparks
  3. Good morning, Though a Canon man through and through, I am giving thought to purchasing a Sony 100 mk3. Do you use one, would you buy another if you lost it..etc Does alamy accept it...does it shoot raw files Any thoughts OPINIONS..gratefully accepted. Thanks Sparks
  4. Valid question...I was thinking just the 24-70.... but on reflection from the replies..I Still Have to DECIDE BETWEEN The 100 And The 70-300. And today can't quite get there. A secondary thought from replies..is the 24-105 l ...certainly a future buying prospect. Again thanking all Regards Sparks
  5. Just to say Thanks to all for replies...food for thought. regards "Sparks"....(nickname for radio officer on board ships)
  6. To be fair to those kindly replying....this trip is Greek islands, Athens, Rhodes and Santorini and others then 2 weeks UK. Regrettably, I more often think "can this shot sell" rather than "my favourite subject"...I have a preference for marine shipping but that is by-the-by. I see myself taking 24-70 and packing also the 70-300 I was just curious to see what ways we would discipline ourselves if it was limited to just ONE lense. Thanks ALL Sparks .
  7. Gruffydd, good morning...normally the 70-300 is never off the camera. with its collar (and monopod.or tripod)..but it is the L series...much larger & heavier than the non 70-300. its interesting how the preference is 24-70. Thanks to all so far. Sparks
  8. Neil ...Thank you reply...but it is not one I have . I tend to agree with you I may need more than one...but I'd prefer not... lets see how this topic goes.. Sparks
  9. Good morning all, I have a scenario coming up soon where we will be away for one month. I have a Canon 5d mk3 so the choice of body is fixed but I only wish to take one lense. What lense would you take if you were travelling abroad and disciplining yourself with taking only one lense. I look forward to your replies.. ( I have the choice of L series lenses. 24-70 ; 16-35, 70-300, 100 macro) With a trip like this I could shoot 2000-4000 frames. so I'll be busy ...though I am reminded by my family I am retired....long live Alamy!! Thanks Sparks!!
  10. Morning again... Taking a break from new IM work and reading forum. I also have a pseudo for pics I think "on the way to the dump" but then they are zoomed..even sold am I too critical.....what experiences have you had that made you think twice on editing & deleting?? Sparks!
  11. Good afternoon ALL...thanks for all replies ...Makes interesting reading. Sent email to Member services and Corin gave clear instructions to access video. Go to Alamy Log on see blue box lhs "Alamy Image manager" click... go to "help" and "overview help video pops up" click and enjoy.... "starter for 10" !!! if you know uk tv! regards Sparks! ...---...
  12. Thanks Stokie... read first page of thread....and I think I may get a better handle on progressing if I submit a very small new submission and see where I go "from Scratch" with the images Sparks!!
  13. Good morning all... went to Monday morning check in, to find I am now on the new arrangement of editing etc etc. From the forum content, many of you have been on this awhile. I thought I would grasp it quite easily....big mistaken assumption!! Is there an instruction video from Alamy I could access. I think I am going to need a "Dummy's guide" At present I will stop sending in new submissions though I have work waiting for transmission. And try an concentrate on getting my "Orange" bar up to GREEEN on discoverability on a few images. I cannot quite discern what basic idiot steps I need to take to progress. Anyone out there that can give me first pointer? Thank you very much Sparks
  14. Thanks to all for replies. Will be sticking to present Kit at the moment . I AGREE WITH JOHNNIE5 REGARDING CANON BRINGING OUT SLR WITHOUT VIDEO EXTRAS. But again thanks to all Sparks
  15. Good evening all. Have been hoping to see comments reference latest Canon 5d MK4. Has anyone purchased this latest edition... any initial critique..... I am giving it thought but with my present 5d MK3 is doing the business. Maybe just to put on wish list or a worthwhile upgrade??? any comments Thanks "Sparks"
  16. Good morning all. Have been reviewing scanning, scanned submissions,etc in the forum....probably have missed some...but I've decided to give this a lot of attention with a large collection of FUJI film 645 transparencies sitting doing nothing.... I have an Epson v600 scanner and lightroom 5.7. Any settings, tips, editing, etc to achieve level of submission to pass qc...would be appreciated. This looks like a good use of time over the coming winter. Have always appreciated gleaning replies to previous topics I've posted....so "Thank you" in advance. regards Sparks
  17. Thanks Betty....I follow a similar path as you.but when out and about especially recently on holiday down in Wiltshire, UK, we visited a steam railway with the old station house. Someone must care greatly for the attached garden ....I took some flower shots but have no idea what I shot. Will try to get them identified...see what happens. THANKS again Sparks
  18. Thanks for advice and replies. Recommendations being stored and will be acted upon.
  19. I am the same as many photographers on the forum....I am NOT a gardener but appreciate flowers especially to photograph and submit. My best keywording skills reach to such lengths as "This is a ROSE....etc" then the colour....etc and that is as far as my knowledge goes. I have 2-3 friends who can help a bit better BUT... What web sites ...books...sources do you find easy to use to identify flora and fauna so we can all caption & keyword more fluently. Thanks in advance to all the "green fingered" gardeners among us.!!! Sparks!!
  20. Thanks to everyone for taking time to reply. I am giving thought to all the comments and advice.....and encouragement !!. I find it interesting the references to the amount of time needed. But like Betty, my first step is get my arm up high enough to press the shutter button when the camera is at eye level........(no matter how the camera gets there!)..... I have a solid manfrotto monopod and manfrotto tripod which will be used far more in future!! But for now, one step at a time!!!! Maybe I should be fine tuning a lot of my keywording. You don't have to reach up to a keyboard........oh!!!! hours of such fun to look for to. Thank to all !!! Sparks
  21. Thanks Vpics. I have a very sturdy manfrotto monopod that's lasted years. At present I am thinking that's the way to go. (Also the monopod functions considerably in my arm exercises....multi function use for "Manfrotto" !!!!) Sparks
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