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  1. Good morning All....


    A quick question.


    I have a Canon 5d mk3...which I am considering upgrading to Mk4.


    I use Lightroom 5.7.1 for raw to tiff to max jpeg for Alamy….


    If I get the Canon 5d mk4....do I have to up date lightroom software or can I continue to use what I have??


    Thank you


    Hope we are all coping with covid...best regards to all




  2. Again Good morning ...


    I went ahead & bought Canon 100-400 L with UV filter.


    After reading the relevant sections from Canon MK3 handbook ….being more perplexed after reading it... I would seek advice for field tested,, best settings eg focus field...for use with 100-400 L lens.


    I'm already trying and enjoying lens but what of  those with far better experience than I amongst Alamy photographers.


    I appear to be settling down for good dose of flu...my family says man flu...so plenty of time to read.


    PS I am not intending it for sports...but Nature, maritime, travel work.


    Thanks to all


    Best regards



  3. Good morning all,


    I am considering purchasing 100-400 L series lenses.....while reading reviews etc I came across the comments that UV, 1a, filters, degrade image from pin point sharpness...

    I have always purchased filters to protect front elements....cheaper to replace filter than entire lense ...all my lenses are L series ….I was wondering how many of us use these protective front end filters and on what lenses /focal lengths,  and how many don't....and their reasoning either way..


    ..Thanks for replies.



  4. Thanks for reply.....iso was 125....but have been giving thought to quality of contact sheet printing....but will be out and about when weather improves for further testing.


    initially green auto and sees what results come in....agree with you on post processing work....


    Will only have one day in New York so need to get it right this this side of the Pond.. before sailing.


    Thanks again



  5. Good morning all,


    Having followed forum points ref Sony RX100M3 ...went ahead and purchased one.


    (Normal camera Canon 5d mk3)


    Reason is visit to New York later this year and not to have large slr round my neck but something small and unobtrusive and still producing work ok for Alamy.


    First try out locally, and first batch  qc fail in 3years.....NOISE ...subject: photographing old contact sheets of shots.



    When the time comes I want to use Sony camera more in point and shoot type mode.


    Should I set ISO or Green  auto....

    Should I set up  specific settings or rely on camera to do the job.


    (Anything specific I'll be using my normal workhorse,  the canon 5 mk3)


    From some comments on the forum(s)...other enjoy the sony 100 MK3 and just leave it on full auto.


    Any advice comments etc will be much appreciated






  6. Good morning all,


    Though having a time served Canon 5d mk3, was giving a consideration to upgrading to mk4....when I can afford it. But with no need for video,...I don't use it at all....was looking at 6d mk2 also....would appreciate any comments...especially ...noise..af speed...Rather than other reviewers  thought ALAMY photographers would be more experienced and 

    Critical...thank you in advance...







  7. Good morning.

    Most days I check my own stats in ALAMY measures...but when editing pictures, keywords,   I will spend awhile going through ALAMY measures "all of alamy" to see if my keywording can improve . Also what fresh subjects I could give thought to...I usually start page one and work through as many as possible  before  my brain is numbed.. I am wondering what pattern others use to benefit from these stats.


    I am heading out to do some work the now but look forward to reading replies , if any, when I get back.


    See later.. 


     Best regards




  8. Good morning all, am taking advantage of the January sales to enjoy a new perspective on my submissions.

    Trading in a Canon  100 macro and purchasing a 180 canon l series. (The 100 lenses terrific lense but mainly used as a fast portaiture..)

    Just for enjoyment and hopefully sales, a fresh buzz when out and about, to look at old subjects from a new perspective. 

    Have been enjoying youtube videos on this lenses...but here trying to draw on the deep well of alamy photographers for their views on MACRO....

    From forum names and their work, there are dedicated macro buffs....terrific work...and captioning...but what of  us lesser mortals...any comments...


    Best regards to all



  9. Good afternoon all


    When tagging an image, what balance do we split between descriptive terms and others like "teamwork"....competitive, stability..etc. does it increase zooms or sales...or seem a waste of allowance of tags we have. 

    I look forward to replies because concept tags have not been high up my list of priorities...maybe I have been wrong on this for a while.




    Best regards



  10. Good morning again,:),


    Have enjoyed reading replies....thanks!


    I followed Stokie going on an art course to squelch that same itch to paint...it does make a relaxing hobby...but that's all it is..I don't intend selling any of it...the photography makes the finances.


    But one thing I've noticed is it can make you see things differently and it slows you down to take that scene/object etc  in,


    Anyway back to coffee...the weather here is grey, miserable so this morning  keywording is in, art And photography out.

    Regards to all







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