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  1. Yes, 8 bit by 3 channels. Ok, will re-submit....
  2. I submitted two panorama's of Amsterdam from 100 meter up, who by their nature, are lather large. Normal transmittance didn't work so I tweeted and was told to try FTP, which did work. But they didn't get through with the message: Unable To Process - resubmit media Their dimensions are: 14197x3822 @ 300dpi bit depth 24 16239x3027 @ 300dpi bit depth 24 So what's up and how to proceed?
  3. Thx for all the replies. I think I got a pretty good idea now what Stockimo likes and acted accordingly with submitting a new bunch. But before that I had had to let go of my resentment about the use of digital filters, being more of a pure image photographer. I'll keep that for Alamy submissions. New times, new tricks, apparently.
  4. I'm confused, how do you submit an image shot with a D800 to Stockimo? He hasn't, he's just taken the same subject with both cameras.Exactly!
  5. For the confused : if you read my post well, it says taht I shot two images of the same subject with two different devices and offered them to the appropriate stockes, So no swap.
  6. I wonder if there are different QC criteria for Stockimo and Alamy. I just sent in my first batch for Stockimo and found that an image shot for Alamy with my D800e is ok but the same image shot with my iPhone 5s is not. I don't mind, but I like to know more about what kind of stock images Stockimo QC is looking for. Any comments on that?
  7. Is it possible to send in model releases in hindsight, after a photo has been keyworded and uploaded?
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