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  1. Thanks Jill, That answered my original question.. but raised a new one though:) Based on your example, if you want people to find your image by typing "dog eating bone", "dog chewing bone", "dog munching bone" - wouldn't it be sufficient to simply have: "dog chewing bone eating munching" inserted into the keyword box so all the options can be matched anyway? Or does the order of keywords really make this much of a difference?
  2. Hi Everyone, Hope this is the right section to ask this question. Let's say I've got a bunch of photos uploaded which have a similar subject - for example some skyscrapers or some Victorian architecture. While the Essential keywords of each might be slightly different for each photo, the majority of Main and Comprehensive ones would be the same The question is - is it ok if a keyword is repeated in 2 or all 3 of the keyword fields? No search engine "penalties" etc for this? Ideally, I'd like to be able to work out Main and Comprehensive keywords once for the whole batch (i
  3. Ok thanks, maybe it was a double somehow - I'll start a new upload with same 4 images then
  4. Hi Everyone, I've just joined and I'm trying to become a contributor here on Alamy so I've submitted my first 4 images for QC as per the guidelines. Unfortunately I have failed on this occasion, not sure how to interpret the message I got though, please see below: We found the following errors: Filename Rejection reason Cornwall40.jpg Number of images We need 4 images to pass our initial quality check before you can submit more. Does this mean that Cornwall40.jpg was the only one that has failed? Or is this t
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