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  1. My last two sales (August and September) here were from a Fuji medium format film image circa 2007 and a renewal sale from a Nikon D70 in 2006.
  2. Ed, I know you are on Safari/Mac, but by some strange coincidence, or not, my Windows 7 Firefox turned into a black screen for 24 hours this week, and I think it happened after I absent-mindedly updated Flash. I ran Malwarebytes (which is a great program) and spent an hour online chatting with Norton, no luck. Finally I logged onto Firefox's site from IE and searched for "black screen" and was advised to go in via Firefox's safe mode and uncheck hardware acceleration. Problem solved! Maybe your computer is having a similar issue? Or otherwise, this may help Firefox users on W7.
  3. Flash (the uploader) and Firefox don't always get on. If you've had a Flash crash do a reboot. It seems to be the only way to solve the problem. Thanks John, maybe I need to update Flash also but will keep this in mind.
  4. I've noticed the delay too lately but they seem to show up in about an hour. However the odd thing to me is that I haven't been able to use the "Upload Jpegs" button on Firefox (Windows 7) the last two times I tried. I finally gave up last night and put them up through Internet Explorer. Odd.
  5. You're welcome George, and thanks, hope you are able to solve the issue with your Fuji.
  6. I have just bought the XE-1 with the 35mm lens and I'm very impressed, even with the images I took in lower light at ISO 800 and with the lens wide open or nearly wide open. Maybe your problem is with the lens? Also, when I turned on my XE1 it gave me the message UPDATE FIRMWARE so I did that. Have you checked to see if you need to update the firmware? The only setting I sometimes changed was to "bracket" down a few times to avoid a blown out sky, easy to do with the dial on top. I am using aperture priority, RAW/normal jpeg. Good luck.
  7. Just to add a brief two cents to all the above, I started going out to do more street photography a few times here in New York City recently, mainly with my Fuji X100s, and found out something I should have realized a long time ago; in New York everyone is taking photographs, almost everyone seems to be a tourist and almost no one seems to worry about someone with a small camera. In the old days, I would get stares or comments if I went somewhere with a TLR and a tripod (and maybe still would) but with a small mirrorless or for that matter an Olympus XA you don't seem to attract a lot of atte
  8. I updated my iPhone 5c yesterday, mainly because I wanted the option of Wifi calling, which T-Mobile hadn't yet activated before. It seems to work fine, but I keep getting annoying pop-ups asking me to use iCloud which I don't have any need for. I am not sure how to disable it without deleting my photos at this point, it seems to be saying it would do that.
  9. Thanks, Linda and Sheila for the copyright office explanation. They did send me a couple of emails some time later explaining that "completed" meant sending the certificate. I try to register everything, but $55 is quite a price hike, it makes me want to wait longer, which holds me back in doing anything with the images unfortunately.
  10. I don't know what's happening with the rule changes at the copyright office, but my last two uploads there were listed at "Pending" and "Case Summary: Upload Deposit is not allowed" even though I submitted them as "unpublished photographs" (and far less than 750) either as jpegs or tiffs, zipped in winzip, as I have done in the past. I paid by credit card, got an email confirmation, completed my "case" and now can't get in to correct whatever the problem is. I wonder how high-tech the copyright office really is. I've emailed them to ask what the problem is, but it's a pretty frustratin
  11. I originally made a couple of photo books through Shared Ink, who used high quality materials and the books were very nice. However I guess it wasn't cost effective and they went out of business. Then I tried VioVio, I thought their results were nice and the price is reasonable. They are called Presto Photo now though: http://www.prestophoto.com I also just assembled a book through my Zenfolio (premium business) website. Unfortunately, while I like the book, and having it to show people in person, the completed book doesn't display on the site for others to see so I haven't tried to
  12. I bought a Windows 7 Gateway computer for about $400 last fall and it's been working fine. I transferred the images I cared about most from my XP computer before the Microsoft cutoff as well as I could. Then I just disconnected the ethernet cable on the XP so at least it can't be hacked. The only thing I thought I would miss is being able to run my Minolta film scanners (5400 and Multipro) but I read of a trick where you download Vuescan for them first and then the Minolta software (which is out on some European site somewhere) will work. It worked with my 5400; haven't tried the Multi Pr
  13. I held off for a long time, but recently bought a Gateway PC with Windows 7 for $400 US. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to run my two Minolta scanners on it (the 5400 and Multi Pro) but found online the trick that if you install Vuescan first and then download the Minolta XP drivers from the web, the Minolta software will work on Windows 7. (Well, I've gotten it to load, haven't actually scanned yet but it looks promising.) There was so much software I couldn't run on XP anymore that I bit the bullet. Not saying I appreciate this kind of planned obsolescence but it's all too common. T
  14. I have the Minolta 5400 ReeRay refers to (actually I have the Multi Pro as well). They are both excellent (I have not tried to use either on a modern Windows computer tho, probably Windows XP or a Mac would be necessary) however I did pick up the 5400 on Amazon Marketplace for maybe $230 or so, though I had to buy a slide holder separately. Anyway it does a fine job though only for 4 images at a time. I use the Multi Pro for medium format though if I just want a record of my films I let the lab make me a CD.
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