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  1. Ahh, Elephants can be very impatient, especially orange ones!
  2. No, it was my eighth batch. There was 3 images in the batch.
  3. Up to this latest submission, I have had a total of 7 successful & 1 failed submission. This puts my failure percentage rate quite high, so I might be looking at a month on the naughty step? I resubmitted the other 2 shots as they were specifically listed as passed QC.
  4. My first QC failure today, one image was too soft, the others passed. I have resubmitted, excluding the failed image. Will I have to wait 28 days before QC checking?
  5. Greetings qaz I must mention that my small number of contacts with Customer services have been met with very helpful & friendly replies. From your posts so far, it's not obvious whether English is your first language (if it is, please accept my apology & blame your school-teachers!). I am involved in technical support myself, when discussing problems which the user may not understand fully, any inability to put across the problem precisely can cause communication problems. I am certain that Alamy Customer Services will make every effort to fix any issues you may have in the future.
  6. Thanks, I have noticed that. However many of my wife's images are rejected with a minute or two of a successful upload. In those cases, the image size is fine. They are not getting through some sort of filter, I think.
  7. Thank you for your replies. With a rejection of within a couple of minutes during the weekend, makes me think that some of my wife's shots failed a pre-QC check. She has been cropping some - it may be that. I will pass on to her the information about Stockimo requirements.
  8. When uploading shots to Stockimo, accepted shots will offer a score. Rejected shots show nothing other than a "rejected" message. Is there some way to find the reason for rejection? My wife has been uploading to her own Stockimo account & with only a single accepted shot, she has noticed that she can get a rejected message almost immediately after upload. I was wondering therefore if Stockimo shots were QC'd by a software programme?
  9. I've uploaded a few shots from my camera to Stockimo. I can view them from within the App, but can I view Stockimo shots on the website somehow?
  10. I have checked, but there seems to be a slightly difference model release form produced by all & sundry. Does Alamy have their own form? (If they do, I couldn't find it, sorry.)
  11. I just use whatever pixels the image happens to be after cropping. Should I aim for a particular pixel size?
  12. Thank you for your replies. I received a quick & friendly response from Alamy support who have asked for screenshots of any errors. I tried several times to upload with varying errors, including a Shockwave error. Trying both Firefox & IE, I eventually managed an upload of 9 files which took about an hour. I'm thinking that they may have a routing issue. Shockwave?
  13. Is there a new max file size, or have I missed something? Today, I tried to upload a batch which failed due to exceeding the max filesize of 10mb per image. My rejected images were sizes 13mb, 10mb, 12mb, 10mb & 21mb. Some smaller images did go through, but the failure cancelled the batch. My previous upload on Monday was successful & had file sizes of 20mb, 24mb, 14mb & 20mb. These are the actual JPG compressed file sizes on disk. I'm wondering if something has changed & I need to make my images smaller? If so, what is the best way to do this? I'm not sure
  14. The Wi-Fi issue with the D750 was that the default setting for Wi-Fi once enabled was for no encryption. Once WPA2 is configured, there is no issue - much like any Wi-Fi network. http://nikonrumors.com/2014/09/25/nikon-d750-uses-an-unsecured-wi-fi-network-anyone-can-download-your-pictures.aspx/
  15. I've had a small batch waiting since Monday. I'm storing up with packets of crisps.
  16. Thank you Paulette, it is very kind of you to mention that. The fish is one of my own Discus, she is called "Marmalade". I was using her for some practise & the image was the 9th photo taken on my new camera. I have recently got inspired again after a break from photography for over 30 years. The quite low lighting in the tank & my wish not to use flash (Discus are startled easily), meant that I had quite a wide aperture. With also a high ISO, I had little choice. The Discus will constantly move their pectoral fins to maintain position & I feel that the motion blur worked nicel
  17. Thank you for your reply, Alan. Now that I have soem more understanding of the Alamy system, I can adjust my workflow to suit. I appreciate your help. As at 09:30am GMT Tuesday, my first batch appear to be listed! Nick
  18. Greetings, I am a new Alamy member. I have a question or two regarding uploading & scheduling. My first upload of 4 images has passed QC & I have added keywords etc. I have uploaded a second small batch which is awaiting QC. Is there a limit on how many submissions per account can get through QC per day/week? Once approved through QC, how long before they are available for sale & can be searched in the database? (My first batch shows as available for sale in "My Alamy", but is not yet in the database) When editing keywords to an already keyworded image, how does th
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