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  1. My apologies if this is covered somewhere. I find the "Alamy measures" section useful & interesting. Does it also cover Stockimo images or is there a separate section for this?
  2. No offence taken David. I did take the comment light heartedly, but you were correct that I was a little too late with my comment.
  3. I just upload the original size & Smugmug makes the other sizes automatically.
  4. Now you tell me But, the HP and Eizo are in a different class, about three times the price. I am quite satisfied with the BenQ, it does the job! The Dell would have been a better choice, but for about 50% more! Sorry, I saw your post late, but thought my reply might be useful to other readers. As a "budget" offer, the HP "Z" monitors are very good.
  5. I've installed several BenQ monitors for customers & have never been impressed with them. I have an Eizo myself, but when it comes due for replacement I would get an HP Dreamcolor. They have beautiful colours & sharpness in a way that feels smooth & natural.
  6. No naughty step for this Elephant. The latest submission went through last night. I used up my mince pies with this one!
  7. It states "Partially failed" with the whole line in orange.
  8. Another nice email reply from Customer support. A reminder.... The submission was marked as a partial fail with the failed image reason given as "Soft or lacking in definition, camera shake" (grrrr). The rest of the submission was put through because they like Elephants, especially Orange ones. It may be counted as an early Christmas present. This probably means that I won't now be getting any mince pies. I'm still not entirely sure whether I'm on the naughty step.
  9. Well, this is interesting. I logged-in this morning to have a glance at my submission status. I had 2 images from the failed submission waiting for managing! So, to confirm, I uploaded a small batch of 3 images. After 2 days, I received notification that the submission had partially failed. Checking the report, one image was marked as failed, the other two images marked as passed. I assumed that according to the blog, my entire day's submission would be rejected. However that is not the case. One image was rejected, the other two images passed through, after a delay of 1 day. I have been in communication with Alamy who confirmed that the available images are from my rejected submission. My new submission is still in the QC queue & I have asked Alamy whether (or not) I am on the naughty step.
  10. Ahh, Elephants can be very impatient, especially orange ones!
  11. No, it was my eighth batch. There was 3 images in the batch.
  12. Up to this latest submission, I have had a total of 7 successful & 1 failed submission. This puts my failure percentage rate quite high, so I might be looking at a month on the naughty step? I resubmitted the other 2 shots as they were specifically listed as passed QC.
  13. My first QC failure today, one image was too soft, the others passed. I have resubmitted, excluding the failed image. Will I have to wait 28 days before QC checking?
  14. Greetings qaz I must mention that my small number of contacts with Customer services have been met with very helpful & friendly replies. From your posts so far, it's not obvious whether English is your first language (if it is, please accept my apology & blame your school-teachers!). I am involved in technical support myself, when discussing problems which the user may not understand fully, any inability to put across the problem precisely can cause communication problems. I am certain that Alamy Customer Services will make every effort to fix any issues you may have in the future. We were not being rude in not wishing to see your private correspondence with Alamy. It's just that private letters should stay private. Regarding spell-checking. If you use Firefox as your web browser, you can download a spell check add-on. This will the underline miss-spelt words & when you right click, it will suggest alternatives, just like a Word processor. Firefox can be downloaded from here: http://www.getfirefox.com BTW I used to work in Bristol for a while. Best wishes
  15. Thanks, I have noticed that. However many of my wife's images are rejected with a minute or two of a successful upload. In those cases, the image size is fine. They are not getting through some sort of filter, I think.
  16. Thank you for your replies. With a rejection of within a couple of minutes during the weekend, makes me think that some of my wife's shots failed a pre-QC check. She has been cropping some - it may be that. I will pass on to her the information about Stockimo requirements.
  17. When uploading shots to Stockimo, accepted shots will offer a score. Rejected shots show nothing other than a "rejected" message. Is there some way to find the reason for rejection? My wife has been uploading to her own Stockimo account & with only a single accepted shot, she has noticed that she can get a rejected message almost immediately after upload. I was wondering therefore if Stockimo shots were QC'd by a software programme?
  18. I've uploaded a few shots from my camera to Stockimo. I can view them from within the App, but can I view Stockimo shots on the website somehow?
  19. I have checked, but there seems to be a slightly difference model release form produced by all & sundry. Does Alamy have their own form? (If they do, I couldn't find it, sorry.)
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