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  1. Sorry coming late to this, I am also considering a t/c for my Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G. Some useful testing from Nasim Mansurov from Photography Life, produced some IQ figures as follows: No t/c = 100% 1.4 t/c = 95% 1.7 t/c = 83% 2.0 t/c = 74% I read this to be that a 1.4 t/c results in no noticeable degradation. https://photographylife.com/image-degradation-with-nikon-teleconverters
  2. Where is this shown please? Unless I have no stars...
  3. You're welcome, but bear in mind that my slides are purposefully grainy, using expired or cross-processed film.
  4. Feeding back my response from Alamy. They quickly replied that it would not be suitable as my example image would not pass QC.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I like Bryan's suggestion of contacting contributor relations, but I'm not sure how to do that.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I do have a few archive images, but yes, most of this would be new work. Here's an idea of the sort of thing. This happens to be a 100% zoom, so has a smidge more grain than usual, but I love the image.
  7. Greetings I have a Nikon F100 film camera with which I like to experiment, often with cross processed film, usually with a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens attached. My digitalising system involves processing the film into a slide format (even if it's a print), then using my Nikon D810 + Nikkor 60mm f2.8 lens with a slide attachment, shooting in RAW & then introducing into my regular workflow. Does anyone know whether this type of image would be acceptable to Alamy's QC?
  8. I noticed a FB post from Alamy that they are off for 2 weeks. Is that correct? Will we have to wait 2 weeks to get though QC?
  9. The D7100 is an excellent DX (crop) camera. The camera packs a lot of features & the quality is very good. Looking at the rest of the Nikon features, the D7100 does not appear to be lacking in much to create any obvious need for improvement. What may be coming is a semi-pro level DX. Nikon have been losing sales in this area & this may come to market either as a D9300 or as a D7200.
  10. I have a D810 & am in the same place as you - considering which lens for landscape. The 14-24mm is an excellent lens, but cannot take regular filters & at 1kg is heavy. The 16-35mm takes a 77mm filter, weighs 680kg & has VR. The DxO ratings for the 14-24mm are 30 overall & 23 sharpness. For the 16-35mm it's 25 overall & 19 sharpness, It's a difficult decision as there is nothing better than the 14-24mm as long as you can live with the impracticality. Here's a useful review about landscape lenses in general: https://photographylife.com/best-nikon-lenses-for-l
  11. Hi David, I'm a computer engineer so build my own personal pcs. I had to upgrade my pc for PS/Lightroom & have this spec: Intel i7, 16gb RAM, 256gb SSD, 2tb hard disk, AMD Radeon HD5700 2gb, Windows 7 64bit Pro. Backup to USB drive + Cloud. I have the main RAW+JPG files on the 2tb disk & currently the Lightroom catalogue also on the 2tb, but I intend to move that to the SSD. As already suggested, you could build your own, but if you're not confident, off the shelf would be fine. HP have a business range separate to their consumer models found in stores. Within the business
  12. My apologies if this is covered somewhere. I find the "Alamy measures" section useful & interesting. Does it also cover Stockimo images or is there a separate section for this?
  13. No offence taken David. I did take the comment light heartedly, but you were correct that I was a little too late with my comment.
  14. I just upload the original size & Smugmug makes the other sizes automatically.
  15. Now you tell me But, the HP and Eizo are in a different class, about three times the price. I am quite satisfied with the BenQ, it does the job! The Dell would have been a better choice, but for about 50% more! Sorry, I saw your post late, but thought my reply might be useful to other readers. As a "budget" offer, the HP "Z" monitors are very good.
  16. I've installed several BenQ monitors for customers & have never been impressed with them. I have an Eizo myself, but when it comes due for replacement I would get an HP Dreamcolor. They have beautiful colours & sharpness in a way that feels smooth & natural.
  17. No naughty step for this Elephant. The latest submission went through last night. I used up my mince pies with this one!
  18. It states "Partially failed" with the whole line in orange.
  19. Another nice email reply from Customer support. A reminder.... The submission was marked as a partial fail with the failed image reason given as "Soft or lacking in definition, camera shake" (grrrr). The rest of the submission was put through because they like Elephants, especially Orange ones. It may be counted as an early Christmas present. This probably means that I won't now be getting any mince pies. I'm still not entirely sure whether I'm on the naughty step.
  20. Well, this is interesting. I logged-in this morning to have a glance at my submission status. I had 2 images from the failed submission waiting for managing! So, to confirm, I uploaded a small batch of 3 images. After 2 days, I received notification that the submission had partially failed. Checking the report, one image was marked as failed, the other two images marked as passed. I assumed that according to the blog, my entire day's submission would be rejected. However that is not the case. One image was rejected, the other two images passed through, after a delay of 1 day. I hav
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