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  1. Here's mine: Kodak Brownie Kodak Instamatic (sold) Zenit EM (sold) Canon AE1 (sold) Canon A1 (sold) Canon EOS 10 (recently sold) Long break from photography Nikon D810 Nikon F100 Nikon 1 V2
  2. Thank you for bringing this up, banning camera gear carry-on in flights had not occurred to me, but it must be the next move. Bearing in mind that the people who confiscate your kit are not the airlines, but the security gate air-side. Take a busy International airport such as Manchester or London, do you think that the security people would bother where your ticket shows you are travelling, they'll confiscate right at the security gate as it's easier for them to manage. Better to deal with a grumpy passenger when you have some security guards around, rather than a couple Flight Attendants at
  3. I hate to sound like a cracked record, but have you tried FTP? I don't know your file size but mine would upload in about 30 seconds even at 1.2M. Fortunately we get about 15. 36mp images. I've not tried FTP & not entirely sure how to use it with Alamy. I will investigate - thanks.
  4. Hi I have a couple of Alamy model releases to organise & there is a section for "Good & valuable consideration" to complete. If the model was not paid for the photo shoot, may I leave that blank, or enter a token amount such as £1.00?
  5. Uploading since the new image manager has been very slow for me. After a couple times closing the browser, I now just leave it & do something else for an hour. They eventually do upload now, but very slowly indeed. I'm on VDSL in a rural area, so not super fast, but reasonable speeds. Currently 14.2mbps DL & 1.2mbps UL.
  6. Thanks for your reply Betty I had been hoping to use quotes in the tags, so that the client didn't have to tweak the search. But thank you for your testing.
  7. Can anyone advise how to allow only the full phrase in a search? I tried enclosing in quotes, but the Image manager ignores this. I have a steam locomotive image with a nameplate from a company, Beyer Peacock, but it's popping up in searches for "peacock" - which isn't really accurate.
  8. Yes... I think that's what I'm using & even the new version has not failed on me until now.
  9. Is anyone else having upload troubles? I tried an upload of 16 images last night (Friday) & it failed half way through with the "washing machine" icon spinning on the next file to process. I tried again a few hours later & I couldn't get even the first image to upload. This morning (Saturday), I tried again & my browser crashed after 10 images. Those 10 images however are now in "processing". I use Firefox & as a computer engineer, everything is working well on my Windows 7 pc. I can't remember the last time my Firefox crashed, but not for at least a year. Is this just
  10. Hi I have some model released headshots of an up & coming actress. Should I upload these as regular stock or as news images?
  11. Use google search "alamy forum bhz" I am not using bhz BTW. Thanks.
  12. Could someone point me to info about BHZ please? The forum software won't allow me to search on 3 characters.
  13. I've not created any new Alamy images for a while. I seem to remember that we are not supposed to sharpen. Is that correct please?
  14. And by the way I love the Lighthouse image. Thank you.
  15. I was thinking about sharpness. However I now realise that cropping would reduce the overall total image size & total pixels, but would have no effect on the actual sharpness of the remaining part of the image. You may well have saved me from buying a teleconverter!
  16. You say in another thread that you are using a D810. I would bet (figuratively speaking) that you would get better results cropping using the 70-200 without any converter than full frame with any one of these 3 attached and still have an image that could be used for almost any general purpose including printing large. You are quite possibly correct MDM, particularly with the 1.4 t/c. However looking at the 2.0 t/c, would it not be correct that if I cropped an image by 50% in PP, the image IQ would therefore drop by 50%?
  17. There's a new image manager? Are Alamy rolling them out or do I need to tweak something? Edit: I found the blog. It's a roll-out.
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