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  1. I don't think I've ever done a selective-colour image before, but I have a street image where I've made the surroundings de-saturated to draw attention to the subject. Would this be acceptable to Alamy?
  2. I still have my Eizo 10 years on. It doesn't "hold" calibration for long though now. I saw a rather nice HP Dreamcolor (?) a few months ago which looked rather nice.
  3. Yikes! I just got the crummy photo captcha thing. Maybe Alamy are getting some brute force forum login attacks? I'd really prefer not to have to login every time I come here though.....
  4. Hi Larry, welcome to Alamy! Disappointing that you didn't get an email, I find that generally Alamy are very good with notifications, although sometimes they may look like spam & get blocked somewhere along the way. The Olympus VG120 is a lovely point & shoot camera, but I'm really not sure that it's a suitable professional camera Larry, the sensor size is a little small. Perhaps you'd like to post one of the images here, so that we can check & give some thoughts & advice? Olympus camera & lenses are very good, perhaps something with a larger sensor such as an OMD EM10 might be worth a look? It's a great camera for the money. If you're in the UK, Olympus offer an excellent "Try & Wow" system where you can borrow a camera free for a day. Check their website.
  5. I have a D810 & don't have any big sensor spot problems. If I've been shooting with a zoom lens on a windy day, I may notice a couple of spots here & there, but I just clean the sensor. I use Photosol swabs & eclipse fluid. My wife's D610 gets less spots, but she generally uses primes. My sensor cleaning process takes about 20 mins with before & after test shots - not a big deal. I have to clean about every 6 months or so. Interestingly, a friend has a Nikon J5 & she managed to put a finger print on the sensor while changing lenses. It seems easier to do on a mirrorless if you're not careful. The fingerprint was pretty hard to clean.
  6. I've been thinking about this too. Would something like a Microsoft Surface Pro be viable? Also, could a surface pro be used for tethering?
  7. Steve, are you still having issues? I also have a D810 & use Photoshop/Lightroom CC which costs about £7 per month. The Nikon software is very basic. I'd be pleased to help if you still need it.
  8. Thank you all for your replies. Andreas, you mention no dust issues. I don't really have dust issues with my D810, but if I did - I'd just clean the sensor. Do you mean that with MFT the sensor doesn't get dust at all? I'd have though that with no mirror, there is actually more chance of dust during a lens change?
  9. Thanks for your reply & yes I have now managed to see the search bar. I use NoScript in my browser & it seems that the forum is now an Invision system, necessitating some more whitelisting at my end.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, I can't seem to find a forum search feature. Can the Olympus OMD EM1/5/10 or Pen-F camera be used for Alamy image submissions?
  11. I would agree that this is some processing issue going on. Checking the linked image & clicking on the full size button, the dog's hairs are lost in a mush of processing artefacts. Maybe the image was enlarged or perhaps a lot of noise reduction applied? As Spacecadet mentions, an idea of your work-flow would be helpful.
  12. Hi Nastassia Not sure why you changed your password? Have you successfully sent files via FTP before? 530 is usually the final message after something like below: Status: Resolving address of ftp.xxxxx.com Status: Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:21... Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...> Response: 220 FTP Service Command: USER xxx Response: 331 Password required for xxx. Command: PASS *************** Response: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible. Error: Critical error Error: Could not connect to server You may need to check that your FTP settings are correct. Host name: ftp.alamy.com Port: 21 No encryption Username & password as your Alamy account Directory: stock In the meantime you could just use the regular Website file upload.
  13. The OP seems to have been successful & now has 3 images uploaded. Nice pics Jupiter!
  14. As far as I understood it, the Alamy minimum uploaded JPG size is the expanded JPG - not the original RAW? To check the expanded JPG size, I open the finished JPG image in Photoshop & the size is shown in the lower right.
  15. Just joined & posted a link to Mick's blog. Let's see how long I last....
  16. Hi Toby My wife (also an Alamy contributor) has Nikon D610 & the quality & performance of the camera is excellent. The main difference between the D600 & D610 was a new shutter due to oil contamination on the sensor as as mentioned by fotoDogue. Once Nikon accepted the oil issue, they offered D600 owners a free shutter upgrade & if you do buy a D600, I suggest that you look for evidence that this has been done. A D600 with an upgraded shutter would be an inexpensive, but excellent quality full frame DSLR. Very suitable for weddings, portraits, landscape, macro & close-up, architecture & travel. It's slightly older focus system perhaps makes it a little less suited for sports or wildlife images.
  17. Here's mine: Kodak Brownie Kodak Instamatic (sold) Zenit EM (sold) Canon AE1 (sold) Canon A1 (sold) Canon EOS 10 (recently sold) Long break from photography Nikon D810 Nikon F100 Nikon 1 V2
  18. Thank you for bringing this up, banning camera gear carry-on in flights had not occurred to me, but it must be the next move. Bearing in mind that the people who confiscate your kit are not the airlines, but the security gate air-side. Take a busy International airport such as Manchester or London, do you think that the security people would bother where your ticket shows you are travelling, they'll confiscate right at the security gate as it's easier for them to manage. Better to deal with a grumpy passenger when you have some security guards around, rather than a couple Flight Attendants at the boarding gate. The gate doesn't have time to go through everyone's hand luggage. Checking kit into the hold, I really can't see how theft can be avoided. A real boon to baggage handlers. I only hope that technology can quickly develop a test for whatever explosive is now concerning them.
  19. I hate to sound like a cracked record, but have you tried FTP? I don't know your file size but mine would upload in about 30 seconds even at 1.2M. Fortunately we get about 15. 36mp images. I've not tried FTP & not entirely sure how to use it with Alamy. I will investigate - thanks.
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