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  1. Good morning


    (PfCO holder)


    I have previously posted a few drone images & am now starting to post aerial images of my local towns. Although they are far too small to be recognised or perhaps even seen, there must be people in the image, so I enter 5+ people & also that there is property in the image with no release.


    Would this be correct?


    Example: (social media sized)


  2. 19 hours ago, Steve Valentia said:

    I've never had a drone shot fail - and I've sold about 30 so far, including about 20 shots after snowfalls. My DJI Phantom 4 Advanced has the same camera as the Mavic Pro and MP2, I think.


    Thanks. We have the same sensor size, but the Phantom has a mechanical shutter & slightly less pixels, making it a touch better in lower light.

  3. I use Alamy Measures daily to review & adjust my image tags to make the more relevant. The page however has not updated since 7 February.


    Is there something I need to do to force an update, or has the page now not used?

  4. Interesting topic.


    For the past few years, I've been using backup to USB drives (1 offsite, 1 onsite) & also Crashplan. Within the past few months, Crashplan pulled out of the consumer market & now only offer their business version. Which seems basically the same, except 3 times the price. They offered an upgrade process which didn't work at all for me & that, combined with my findings that Crashplan had a drain on my pc performance & also the security risk of a Java app, made me drop Crashplan. I tried Backblaze, but didn't like the lack of granular control. I tried to test Carbonite, but it wouldn't install - it seems that if your use Dreamweaver then this affects the install scripts for Carbonite. So I'm back to just using USB drives at the moment, I'm still keeping a watch on the market.


    It may be worth a mention that backup is not the same as synchronisation. Dropbox, Onedrive etc are synchronisation. Get a virus, accidentally delete a file, the change is synchronised to the cloud & then to any other devices you have. Backup keeps a separate copy, but you need a backup system which keeps maybe 3 versions of the file. (Carbonite does this) Otherwise a virus or corruption could simply overwrite your good backup copy.

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