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  1. Not sure what you are doubting? I'm not casting aspersions on your imagery.
  2. Thanks for the info, nice shot Steve! You realise that on a 1" sensor, f5.6 is right on the edge before diffraction? I always keep at ISO100, I find that the small sensor gives a lot less dynamic range making editing more difficult.
  3. I appreciate the replies. I'm going to take a punt & upload a few shots!
  4. Thanks. We have the same sensor size, but the Phantom has a mechanical shutter & slightly less pixels, making it a touch better in lower light.
  5. Thanks Kevin, yes I fly in cold weather. The M2Pis spec'd down to -10C. I find that battery life can be affected in colder weather.
  6. Thank you. A nicely laid-put page, but inconsistent information. For instance, suggesting they need a M43 while also implying that a Mavic 2 Pro is acceptable. I will upload a couple images & see what happens.
  7. Thanks for the link, lets just hope he got an OSC for hovering over "thousands of people".
  8. I thought there may be a list somewhere of approved cameras.
  9. Hi Are drone still images acceptable for uploading to Alamy? Mavic 2 Pro: 1" sensor
  10. I use Alamy Measures daily to review & adjust my image tags to make the more relevant. The page however has not updated since 7 February. Is there something I need to do to force an update, or has the page now not used?
  11. Indeed, however a Lightroom import preset gives a few more entry options. Also if you have an Olympus, you can use a preset to zap the stupid Olympus caption. (grrrr)
  12. If to Alamy, perhaps you could tell us the error message, the file size & what upload method you are using?
  13. Ouch, seems a bit harsh! What was the reason for the rejection (I wonder if they may have felt that whole batch warranted the naughty step?)
  14. Interesting topic. For the past few years, I've been using backup to USB drives (1 offsite, 1 onsite) & also Crashplan. Within the past few months, Crashplan pulled out of the consumer market & now only offer their business version. Which seems basically the same, except 3 times the price. They offered an upgrade process which didn't work at all for me & that, combined with my findings that Crashplan had a drain on my pc performance & also the security risk of a Java app, made me drop Crashplan. I tried Backblaze, but didn't like the lack of granular control. I tried to test Carbonite, but it wouldn't install - it seems that if your use Dreamweaver then this affects the install scripts for Carbonite. So I'm back to just using USB drives at the moment, I'm still keeping a watch on the market. It may be worth a mention that backup is not the same as synchronisation. Dropbox, Onedrive etc are synchronisation. Get a virus, accidentally delete a file, the change is synchronised to the cloud & then to any other devices you have. Backup keeps a separate copy, but you need a backup system which keeps maybe 3 versions of the file. (Carbonite does this) Otherwise a virus or corruption could simply overwrite your good backup copy.
  15. Tim, I wouldn't base any calibration issues on Photobox results, we've found them to be poor. Just a small step up from Boots really. We use Loxley Colour for all client work & find them to be excellent.
  16. @Atko I have a couple images along the lines of your KCNX1A process. I had assumed that Alamy would not accept it. Do you upload KCNX1A as a regular photo, or as an illustration?
  17. Hi John, much as the others have said really. The Pap image is a little blurred on the subject, so that's not going to get through a regular QC. News, maybe. The other portrait images have a lot of noise. Looking at them all in your link, noise is the main issue on all of them, with some of your portraits up to ISO 3200 & very little if any noise reduction. Your D3100 is a fine camera, the 18-135 zoom is acceptable, but it's worth bearing in mind with a consumer zoom that they often loose image quality at their max zoom length. With a crop camera, diffraction starts to creep in after f11, & you have a few shots at f14 - which with the noise & max zoom, only adds to the softness. Nice lighting though. As Geoff mentioned, just mask the sharpening & deal with the noise & they may be ok.
  18. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm about to upload my first Olympus images, I'll be biting my fingernails! Have a good bank holiday everyone!
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