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  1. Did you ever see the old forum? That didn't have the green and red voting system and had anonymity (no link to contributors images). In my opinion the old forum was often far less constructive than the new forum, with frequent arguments that sometimes turned quite nasty. I feel the new forum is much better. I like the arrows. Mr Chapman yes i take what u say, it must help to keep people in order...good thing out here in the wild west. but unfortunately i hated school as a kid and the markings for good behavior, colored stars etc....yeah, i'm a bit anti..........i seriously wonder at
  2. hi orange Elephant thanks for taking an interest . i trust u saw this below . may i ask if English is ur first language? [dont take offense]. i believe my statement below is quite accurate , it explains to me at least, the reason for the difficulties i have added a bit on the end "i finally pointed out a couple of issues to MS through the forum and believe they agree [although they didn't actually say] that one was simply an inappropriate reply and the other a matter of confusion due to Alamys "in house" terminology being used in their reply instead of plain English" additionally
  3. i just got round to following Paulette's advice to remove some keywords from "women sitting reading" pic [it wont have registered yet taken yet though], .....what do u think, i could adjust it sumore but on other stock sites ive seen so many people really piling them on...so is this good or no? ====================================================================================================================== pls don't award me any positive points, i prefer to keep those nice red ones to remind me of the generous folks I've already met...and no, I'm not a teenager
  4. well i take it then no one wants to actually see the correspondence concerned....disappointing but it means no one will have to changes sides:) when they see my complaint is valid
  5. oh i see, Screwgle is someone else u dont like, not me....ha-ha. sounds like a cool dude [thought is was just a rude name for me]
  6. i take it thats an apology....I'll consider returning if we can get my reputation down to negative 75 [thanks for the 19]
  7. oh yeah, and one last request before i go...so as to distance myself would you guys please mark my reputation properly down [as in negative]
  8. so far people here seem to have BIG problem with people who are straight talking and to the point...im not about ice the cake with all sorts of sugary crap just to appease a few [not all by any means] who want to indulge in child like behavior.....guess thats why u hang out on forums hey!, to be with others of ur kind if u see my posts elsewhere on alamy u know what to do don't you
  9. Could you perhaps reply in a slightly friendlier way? Your experience isn't exactly visible on your forehead! Cheers, Philippe as i find what u said mildly ....well, whatever, so i don't feel much like being friendlier about the matter. and true i said nothing about my experience but that shouldn't be anyone's cue to make assumptions. lets leave it at that, no hard feelings. and from one post above it does seem only to be for portfolios, i didn't write it!
  10. firstly i apologize...not shouting...just too lazy to correct it Andy, pls say what u are referring to with "In that case then NO........I wrote no very slowly and in capital letters so it makes it easier to understand" i dont see another post from u thanks for instructions on posting pics....and i must say thats a damn fine photo above, it looks suspiciously like one o mine
  11. hummm...very interesting to hear views thanks
  12. OK. SO HOW DOES ONE POST A PHOTO HERE, ALSO I DON'T SEE ANY OTHER PHOTOS. MAYBE AS Bdustydingo SAID WITH HIS CUT AND PASTE COMMENT ITS ONLY FOR PORTFOLIOS Advice about saleability.IS EXACTLY WHAT ID LIKE TO OBTAIN FROM ANYONE WHO CARES TO COMMENT. THIS WORKS VERY WELL OVER AT I STOCK PHOTO AND KEEPS A LOT OF PEOPLE BUSY i do wish people wouldn't make assumptions which imply i may not be aware of the obvious, like suggesting that i may think this is more a photo club than an agency. i may be new here but im actually less green may think THANKS
  13. would still like to know if there is one on alamy
  14. i suspect that if buyers start to think that alamy stocks are low quality because the acceptance standard is low then they simple wont come there to even look. thats what i mean i think u can say the 5 and 6 letter words without fear of retribution
  15. am new to alamy so this is of great interest to me. saw a post here where it was said that alamy had a reputation for being somewhere you got into because you could, i haven't heard this opinion before and find it a little disturbing if its true as it doesn't take much to workout what this would mean to buyers. anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
  16. anyone know if theres a forum here dedicated to photo critique? thanks
  17. great opening image...the energy...wow. i lived in TO for 15 years so it was good to see it all again, i never took a shot in the winter ...ahhh anyone know if theres a place here dedicated to photo critique?
  18. Well....the replys and views are heartening , so i can expect reasonable CS assistance in future....good. yes i will remove a few of those keywords. i appear to have overdone it...thanks. the reputation sytem is intersing but i cant say i will be getting excited or even concerned about it. If a moderator doesnt mind such a post here i am more than happy to post my original question and the confusing replys i received, so the poor fellow Anand can defend himself and anyone else can grasp the issue before they staart dishing out more red flags and yes it may well be a language
  19. anyone know what this reputation rating is about, ive already got myself a negative one , and is there a spell checker here thanks
  20. ive now contacted MS through the forum and got the nonsense cleared up, indeed, they can be prompt and very helpful but i'll still try to keep my enquiries to a minimum i finally pointed out a couple of issues to MS through the forum and believe they agree [although they did'nt acually say] that one was simply an inapropriate reply and the other a matter of coinfusion due to Alamys "in house" terminology being used in there reply
  21. am interested to know as a newcomer [and before i continue at Alamy] do other contributors have communication problems with support, I recently wasted much time on at least two occasions talking to someone called Anand who keep answering my queries with completely irrelevant information, like his replies are going out to the wrong person, and this is not corrected after i politely point out the problem to him. thanks thanks
  22. Its out of sheer frustration that I’m posting this. i keep encountering someone in support called Anand who answers my queries / question with completely irrelevant information [not connected with my question]. i suspect he simple doesn’t read properly and sends off any pre written answer that come to hand. But this keeps happening even after i point out the problem.........I joined recently and am not moving forward till this is sorted, this has already taken much of my time in wasted correspondence. i can provide the messages in question for you to view. Please look into it Thanks, mark bo
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