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  1. if anyone's interested i just get this email today from Alamy


    Hi Mark,

    We've got sample release forms on our site, but you're free to use your own format including some of the digital model release Apps available.

    Releases are legal documents between yourself and the model or property owner, so whatever format you use you need to ensure its legally binding and happy it protects you and your interests.

    If you're in doubt then we'd recommend speaking to a lawyer.

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  2. A) I think they are pretty flexible, in the end it is about YOU covering YOUR back.


    - For smartphone app releases "Easy Release" come highly recommended.

    - For proper paper releases big G's releases (both MRs and PRs) are used a lot and come in many different languages.


    B) Different agencies are more or less strict, it is difficult to give an exact answer for any agency as it depends on how the image is actually used in the end (as well as which part of the world it is going to be used). 


    The best you can do is to get releases to the greatest extent possible as it add considerable value in many cases. Then be honest if you have them or not as needed and required by the agency. The rest is up to the buyer to decide.



    thanks for that, i will check out the big g releases today .


    The "Easy Release" are indeed popular however  the completely free snapwire release app comes with several popular templates like getty and a few other what they call industry standards so im hoping it will work for alamy, eyem will not take anything except there own paper release and emailed release forms from the model, and you dont even know that they take paper releases till you ask them....but then there web site has lots of confusing stuff .


    i just searched big g releases, no results, then it occurred to me that u meant getty.....duh ...at least my brain still works when it gets warmed up

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  3. hi


    anyone know


    a: which releases alamy accepts. there are a great many  Like the ones that come with the snapwire release app


    b: Eyem seem to accept most of the pix without a release that alamy turn down for commercial use [and eyem checks them too] any thoughts on this as it seems like 2 standards eyem says for instance, a property only needs to be released if its the MAIN focus of the pic, and their catalog bears this out.


    pls note i do know about using them with editorial license



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  4. Hi Qaz,

    As of this morning, I now have six episodes on my YouTube channel, and I will try to focus more on specific Apps in the future. I only use free Apps which in the past I got from Starbucks "Pick of the Week" or Apple's "Twelve Days of Christmas" giveaways. 



    thanks for that i just looked at episode 5 ...beautiful clear audio too.


    just an idea but when it comes to appps there seem to be 3 categories. really free like snap seed , free [ish] but the ads/upgrade prompts are so annoying as to make the whole thing a pain , and paid .


    of coarse u can convert many free [ish] apps to paid but somehow no one ever tells you till you beforehand.........but thats only what i'd like to see :)

  5. BTW, if you were to upload an unaltered version of an image, I think you are very likely to find it being rejected as Stockimo does seem to prefer a high degree of filtering.

    ah yes that seems to be the bottom line, that hadnt occurred to me. "seem to prefer a high degree of filtering. I think it degrades the perceived value of what's on offer."


    i just thought that buyers would maybe prefer to do their own modifications to the pic, i know i would after seeing some of the offerings:)


    this line of thought started when i realised i hadnt sold any pix, there are only 10 but they've been there a long time


    just downloaded snapseed , how was the older version better, i know this can be the case. will look at it today...thanks

  6. hi


    with stockimo pix is there any usefulness in submitting an additional copy which is not altered, and tagging it as such


    also the same question applies to regular photos at alamy


    and if so what would the best term be, unaltered or not altered or ........bearing in mind american english and search terms


    also can anyone suggest a good app to modify pix which is free and has not got options to upgrade and all the other annoying things  most free apps do...whew thats a tall order


    any thoughts on this



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  7. maybe they deleted acct, as i submitted a street style  photo of a drunk person sleeping in public, nothing rude though., and  no face recognizable....are they strict like that?

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