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  1. I am curious as to what people consider decent sale price to be.  I am old school stock when rarely did a sale come in under $10-15 and that was considered low resolution. To get sales for .12 cents is indicative of an over saturated market and the devaluation of what we do.  

  2. I am curious if there have been any calculations of percentages of "Customer Likes" that actually translate into actual sales.  I ask because with 513 images in Stockimo and how often I see my images show up in "Customer Likes" I have yet to see a sale reported.  I see my images in the "Customer Likes" not daily but several times a week and often times several images at a time.


    I understand that it often takes a long time for the customer to pay.  What is the amount of time?  When are they billed?  Once billed what are net terms for payment?


    And overall is this looking like it will pay off for contributors.  For myself as of now it is not.  I would love to think it will pay off bur for now with the time involved to produce, upload and keyword it is not looking like a money making venture.


    As Stockimo is not exclusive I have some of the images with other agencies and have seen sales with them.  

  3. 505 images and no sales after six months.  I have 4s and 3s and 2.7s and 2.3s, a fair number of 4s.  I also see my images pop up in Customer Likes and the Monday Wall of Fame. What i find interesting is that images of mine that are tweaked the most generally get the highest score but looking at customer likes I see (over all) more likes for more normally produced imagery...and/or those with scores of 2.3 and 2.7 (these seem to generate the most customer interaction)...and not just mine.


    As of now I think it is fun but probably not going to be very income producing...at least for the time being....speaking of iPhone imagery.  


    I also have iPhone imagery with AGE, Corbis and Getty.  As of now the only one to show sales is Getty.

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