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  1. Interesting ... could you expand on this? I'm not sure I understand. I simply mean the effect of the Diversity Algorithm. You could easily test this by deleting BHZ from a higher ranking pseudo(s) and check what happens to the position of a lower ranked image. I predict it'll go up.
  2. From the Alamy help pages :"When you create a new pseudonym we give it a “median” AlamyRank until we have gathered enough data to establish its actual rank." So no mentioning of a period of time.
  3. I don't think the initial rank is set for a fixed period of time. Rather, IIRC reranking only occurs after a pseudo has accumulated a certain number of views, which a few years ago I estimated at about 2000-2500 views. Additionally, if you have several BHZ pseudos, the higher ranking ones may push the newer pseudo down...
  4. Yes John, This is the puzzling question! It seems like so much work just to find the books. I thought I would post their reply anyway and it seems to have helped some people. Yes, this sounds like looking for needles in a Dutch haystack (if there is such a thing ). Yes, it's called a "hooiberg". However, we have a rather laid-back attitude towards zoeken naar een naald in de hooiberg (D993C6).
  5. Doesn't look like I'm going to win a prize for the most eloquent quote Not sure what went wrong there.
  6. It might be the combination of those possibilities. It has to be in a UK publication; I don't believe a worldwide publication by a US publisher counts. From my small number of qualifying licenses it would appear that Alamy only counted licenses in which the "region" is UK (in the last column of the spreadsheet) and I claimed accordingly.
  7. Isn't it a key characteristic of RF licenses that their use is not recorded at all? And thus that RF licenses only qualify for DACS if one is able to spot the image in a UK book or magazine. Or am I missing something?
  8. I guess the LA search could be skewed by Hollywood celebrity images and the like. The agencies that place these on Alamy might set country restrictions, and use different distributors for the continental market.
  9. What is a "Geographical search"? To me it seems that many US images are made available for distribution in the US and UK (or English speaking countries), but not in continental Europe.
  10. Results from the Netherlands: Los Angeles Logged in: 659554 Logged out: 651219 "Los Angeles" Logged in: 658286 Logged out: 649967
  11. While I don't see major changes for my images (on page 4), there are subtle differences in position depending on whether I'm logged in (using Firefox) or not (in Safari). I think this may have to do with repositioning RF/RM images. Near the bottom of page 4 there is a DHL van (not mine). When I'm not logged in this image is on the last (8th) position of the 4th row from the bottom. It is followed (1st image in 3rd row from bottom) by a RF image of yellow+blue brushes. When logged in, the DHL van appears at lower position (6th image in 3rd row from bottom). And the RF brushes have moved up
  12. This morning I've uploaded two small batches (Firefox). No problems, they show as awaiting QC.
  13. I forgot that "region" appears on the spreadsheet. Like yours mine was Country: Brazil and Region: US US-based publishers do translate English-language textbooks to Portuguese and publish them in Brasil. Could this be the case here? GI Thanks very much! I dont't think your suggestion applies here. My image hadn't been licensed before, or since. And it was for a retail book. While the licensing details suggest a very specialized book, my image was of parasol mushrooms . These are very common in Europe, but appear not to occur in Brazil (in an Alamy search). I'd really like to s
  14. Many thanks, Peter! Details of my license: Country: Brazil Usage: Editorial Media: Retail book - print only Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 June 2013 End: 01 June 2014 The licenses are not identical so our images were for different books. I've never found mine either. From inspecting the licensing details of other pictures, I infer that "country" is just jargon for the location of the audience of a publication (for example, "french speaking countries" or "rest of world"), and does not necessarily indicate the country in which an image was lic
  15. Quite interesting! Last year I also had a sale to 'Brazil' for a similar amount ($37.62 gross; not a refund; distributor sale; retail book with low print run). When preparing my DACS claim, I noted that the region specified in the table that can be downloaded under "net revenue" was actually "US". Thus I wondered if I should opt out of distribution in Brazil. Can you see if your Brazillian sale was licensed for use in Brazil or elsewhere?
  16. That's what I thought. Alas, from the FAQs: "If you have used the "focus and recompose" technique in any given image, the plugin will show correctly which focus points were activated, but their content (the part of the image they show) will not be identical with the part that was seen by the photographer when focusing, since the camera was moved after focusing. Technically, this is the only possibility, because the camera does not store any information about the recomposition movement of the camera."
  17. I don't believe pseudonyms are searchable (except for advance search). Is this one of the images that came up: E664N1? The issue is that "Elizabeth" occurs in the caption.
  18. Just google the DACs entry on the Alamy blog. It will tell you how to do a claim just using Alamy data. Can't link as on iPhone. probably here: http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2009/07/16/4770.aspx thanks!
  19. Yes I know that but I can't seem to change the side bars which remain black and take up a large part of the screen. Pearl Just click on the little triangles in the borders. You can also adjust the width of the bars by placing the cursor at the margin of the bar next to the image (a symbol with arrows will appear) and dragging.
  20. Re. the apparent difference in sharpness between raw/jpg files. Do you have "enable profile corrections" enabled (that's under "profile" in the "lens corrections" panel)? These corrections in effect blur the image somewhat. In my experience (X100, LR4) the correction works on raw files, not jpg's. So unticking the correction box might increase edge-to-edge sharpness of the raws....
  21. Q for ALAMY: will this change have any effect on the order in which images are shown to buyers?
  22. Is it a payment to a bank in the Eurozone? Do Alamy have your IBAN? And possibly they also need the bank's BIC.
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