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  1. Hi all,

    I'm returning to Stockimo after a break of a few months and seem to be stuck.


    I'm attempting to upload an image from my iPhone 4S library. The Stockimo app recognises the image, uploads it[?] and I'm presented with the caption and tag buttons. From that point on nothing, nada, zilch, bugger all. I can't add any text anywhere. I've reset the phone, logged in and out of Stockimo, waited for five minutes [just in case it's a background thing] but no joy. If I choose next, I get the warning that I haven't added a caption or any tags!


    Anyone else have the same experience of can suggest a solution please?



    Steve H

  2. Hi (new member / user so don't shout :-)

    Julie - I've been looking at the Alamy plugin for LR. I managed to overcome the 'AddPseudonyms' problem by following the advice, but I'm unable to connect directly to Alamy. I get the 'Login Error  - Alamys server said 500' message which is the general, I can't connect dialogue. Don't suppose you've heard of the solution to this. The message board suggests raising a ticket with the plugin creator and Alamy, but there's been no sign of from the plugin creator for some time.

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