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  1. Hi Keith, Great photo. I see you are credited as an Amateur photographer in a paper I saw yesterday. Hope you got paid and some good comes of it. They are really are missing some opportunities if they don't pay local photographers. I assume they pay for the photos they use about more national events/news. Maybe bump into you in the area sonn. Julian
  2. Keith, I think I live near you and know the paper you refer to (Cambridge area?). I have had the same issue and refuse to send them anything for free. I have offered news photos to them and they said no budget, so I said fine no picture. If it's the same company they really hacked me off when I was taking photos of a man protesting outside his house. While there, a reporter turned up and asked if they could use my pictures as it would save them sending a photographer. I agreed on the understanding I was to be paid. Then they refused to pay. I counted 8 uses of the photo during the following week. I was just too lazy to sue them and maybe might need their goodwill one day. I am too soft. Anyway....don't give anything away! Julian
  3. Smaller camera definitely helps as others have said. (I know one guy who keeps a small camera in one hand, with strap round wrist, rather than round his neck......because the movement of one arm with camera rising to eye is nowhere near as noticeable as the normal two hands raising camera hanging by stomach to eye) - easier to show that than write it down! I normally use a DSLR with 24-120 zoom. I have only ever had two people make it clear they weren't happy with me taking photos. A big smile, a compliment and a belief that it's OK and some common sense on what/who you take goes a long way. I often ask people for a photo and they usually are very obliging. Or just say "do you mind if I take some photos please - you look fantastic in that hat/car/ behind that market stall/ or whatever - just ignore me..... and they normally do. Happy to take candids too. I think it is partly to do with one's own beliefs and self identity. Personally, I think "I am a photographer". I look like a photographer - with all the bags and kit. I am confident in chatting and talking to anyone. I have a belief that people will be happy for me take a photo (esp if I ask first) - that may be arrogant I know. And I think that probably comes out in my body language and so people seem to go along with it. Whereas if one goes out believing that you are intruding and people will get upset, then that can ooze out subtly in your demeanour/posture etc and that's what you get! So if you feel uncomfortable, my advice would be to work on your beliefs. Maybe start small, go out and target one small area, such as your local market, and try a few things out. The more you do it the more you will improve and develop your own approach. And, having said all that, I have probably guaranteed that I will get my head chewed off by someone next time I am out!
  4. All of them beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I went last year for 4 days......completely grey and overcast and gloomy....however....a much nicer flat light than we get in the UK.
  5. I refuse to send any of photos to the local newspapers who will not pay anything. They used one of photos seven times after I went to photograph a man for my own purposes at the same time a reporter was there doing a story. He asked if they could use one of my images to save one of their photographers coming out. I agreed on the agreement that they pay me. I even spoke to the picture editor on the reporters mobile phone to confirm it. Then they didn't pay. I have since phoned offering photos of local stories and asked what they would pay. They told me they don't pay for pictures! So I refuse to send them anything. I e mailed the editor saying what an insult this is and that the paper boy who delivers my copy even gets paid. They didn't even reply. So that's it for me...no free stuff to papers or organisations who have plenty of money. I do some free stuff for local community events. If I am doing personal work, I will offer a free copy of one or two images for people who have given up their time to sit for me - personally I think this is polite - an often they have gone on to buy other stuff.. But for papers and other organisations who should pay for photography...then no.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Backblaze is still whirring through the files and I have got so far I may as well see how it goes. That coupled with external hard drives (hidden or off site when I am away from home for any length of time. I also have a smugmug account which I can archive jpegs (but not raw). So backing it always! Weird how I haven't worried about the thousands of negatives and slides in my loft though...they are not backed up at all! Julian www.ealesphotography.co.uk
  7. Can anyone recommend a good cloud storage backup please? I currently store my files on various external hard drives and jpegs on smugmug(and of course some on Alamy). I take the back up drives with me when I go away for more than a few days. But they fill up fast and I am considering moving over to cloud backup. Having looked at various reviews, I am trialling Backblaze (but that says it will take me 286 days to do my initial backup - even with cable broadband). Reviews of other suppliers are mixed and are not specifically aimed at photographers. Just wondered if any photographers out there could recommend a good service. especially for the mass of data that is in all my raw files. Thanks
  8. I have a the top of the range Nissin. Works great with d800 and cheaper than nikon flash guns. Works fine off camera with remote trigger or wireless. However if I buy another one would probably go for for Nikon sb910 if I can afford the extra money.
  9. For what it's worth, I use one catalogue for each year with collections for each month or special project I want to keep easy access to. I sometimes set up a catalogue for a special event if I know I won't be fishing around in that pool for general stuff (e.g. My daughter's wedding is in one catalogue which is proving useful now I am doing albums and books for her). I understand the logic of having only one catalogue but felt that 20000 images in one catalogue was perhaps enough and was worried that the whole thing may slow down too much if I put everything in the one catalogue. I don't find it difficult to open the catalogue for a particular year and switch between them as most of the time I am working on current images ( but it would be easier all in one huge one). I guess if there is no performance slow down then one big catalogue would be best, but what size can you go to before things grind away too slowly?
  10. I use 100% quality when I export from lightroom to jpeg for Alamy. Not had any issues with that.
  11. Ah yes! It must be the LED's. Other pics I have at the same time show a similar thing happening with destination text etc. whereas the tail lights are blurred. Thanks everyone for helping solve the mystery!
  12. Anyone able to explain what has happened to the B's on the bus in this picture please? I don't understand why they aren't a blurred streak like the rest of the bus? I could understand one B at the end or beginning of a streak but not all those multiple B's! The exposure was 1/8th second at F4
  13. Betty I think it may take too long to explain everything about lightroom on here. My advice is buy or borrow a book, or look on adobe TV. Once you have cracked the fundamentals I am sure it will help you a lot. You need to look at the differences between catalogues, collections, folders etc. Once you get it I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I can't comprehend how I would do without LR, For importing, sorting, basic editing, and cataloging images I find it essential and quick. I have a catalogue for each year (and any major shoots) and have 20000 images in them without any PC speed problems. I have two drives on my PC (one for programs to run on and one for storage that I need regular access to) plus external drives for backup and bulk storage. As long as you move files around using LR, it will know where they are and you will find them (especially if you KWord them - but you can search by meta data too....e.g. date, camera, lens, etc etc). I would offer to ring you and explain more but as I am in the UK and you are in the USA the cost would wipe out many an alamy sale price! Good luck! It is worth persevering with.
  14. Isn't fascinating how many different workflows people use! I can't answer the original question I am afraid. I have never experienced that problem. I import raw files from card to folders on my PC in year and month order. Also back up to a second drive at the same time. Then use LR collections to organise things and put rudimentary keywords in LR. Do most editing in LR, occasionally use PS for more advanced stuff and save straight back into Lightroom. Then export jpegs to specific folders depending on final use ( normally organised by year and month). I can see in LR if a file is edited or not. Never even considered bridge! In the last few months I now also keyword in keyword perfect that puts all the keywords in the JPEG iptc fields, so can also search for my images using keyword perfect library search. There must be an optimum method out there.....not sure I have found it though!
  15. Guess I should be a little more adventurous and try a few more creative shots. I have always stayed safe so far. A new year resolution!
  16. Just seen today's Alamy home page with two horses close up............ I like it....made me smile But I have obviously not fully grasped the QC policy. The image has flare, is mainly out of focus (yes the eyes are sharp) - horse breath condensed on the lens. I deleted a similar pic I took only last week! I would never dare to upload a similar image for fear of failing QC Anyone else the same as me or am I just too conservative?!
  17. As often the case you get what you pay for. I had a cheap one (£15 ish) A camlink? Used it with a d700 and 70-200. Lasted about half an hour before it gave up and started wobbling all over the place.. Then the thread on the monopod got stuck in the lens mount! A kind friend gave me a manfrotto 690b which seems much more sturdy and workman like.
  18. Cambridge news tell me they do not pay for photos. So I refuse to send any now. I e mailed them saying that the the paper boy who delivers my paper gets paid. Why not a photographer? Got no reply. It's crazy.
  19. Great photos Keith. I was wondering how you protected yourself and gear in those storms. The salt water must play havoc. I don't have any experience of that in Cambridgeshire (if I do post similar images from here....be worried...very worried!)
  20. Shep thanks for spotting that. I had a zoom on the hand and racket pub recently. I thought it may have been one of those unintended searches i.e they were looking for an actual hand and tennis racket!
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