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  1. I meant more in the context mentioned further up the thread of someone finding prints being offered by someone who had purchased their image for web use. That question answers itself, follow your sales to see what's happening with them. The newspaper isn't UK, it's a famous publication from the largest country in Eurasia. I'd emailed Alamy prior to posting here as I'd been posting exclusively to Alamy but it must have been somehow unticked so was emailing them with regard to this when I noticed this thread and found the image which has my name credit/Alamy under it but no record of
  2. After viewing this thread I did the image Name/Alamy search and found one of my images published by an extremely well known outlet fifty one weeks ago with no record of it in my sales, is this kind of timescale normal and whose responsibility is it to chase the payment if they just refuse to do so? Also, how do we find is a buyer is misusing the licence and selling the image on to third parties?
  3. Just had same problem using Firefox and had to switch to IE for it to work
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