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  1. Hi, this is not an old building, but is it correct to use a RF licence for a modern car? www.alamy.com/stock-photo-audi-a5-30-tdi-coupe-neon-blue-2008-17037878.html I think images of isolated vehicles may be acceptable for editorial use only...
  2. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand... Let's say I have a image on sale at Alamy, under a RM license. According to Alamy's Contributor contract (point 2.2) I can sell that image through other agency websites as well, using the SAME license type. The question is: do you think I can, at the same time, distribute that image under a Creative Commons NON-COMMERCIAL license and redirect to Alamy people who want to buy a COMMERCIAL license of that image?
  3. I like VERY much Debian GNU/Linux Anyway you don't need Flash for YouTube videos (at least most of them).
  4. Thank you very much Betty LaRue. Thanks for your useful suggestions. Thanks spacecadet, and, yes, it's true, I don't like very much keywording, but maybe I can find a friend to help me. Grazie Ed Rooney
  5. Thank you very much Philippe, it's now much clearer. I like arterra.be!
  6. Hello to everybody, I'm new here at Alamy and I'm from Italy, so my English is very bad, sorry. I already have 24 images on sale, really a lot of images I've got MANY doubts and so any suggestion is wellcome!!!! Do you think I uploaded any image that is not so good and should be better to delete it?? Do you usally post your images on your own website too? May I post my images without watermarks on a social network or a forum?? Not even thumbnails?? Did you ever use any kind of "copyleft" licenses for any of your work somewhere else, and/or what do you think about that?? Quality Cont
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