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  1. Thanks a lot Sally! Most of the time, we are allowed to shoot during the first 3 songs without flash, that's the general rule. Sometimes only the first song. And sometimes only one specific song during the body of the show. You may drive/walk/wait for hours and only get 2-3 minutes of shooting so it is important to know how you are going to make the whole thing profitable. Capturing fast moving subjects in very low light can be tricky but that is part of the fun! Full frame sensors really shine in that area. On the other hand, capturing a decent image of someone standing behind a micropho
  2. Thank you all very much!!! I never tried but the 80-200 could also be used as a hammer I guess 😆🤣😂
  3. Thank you Sally! Concert photography is not the easiest thing to do these days… 😉 Most of my concert images (like this one of Asaf Avidan) have been taken with my good old 80-200 f:2.8 (something like 30 years old and very noisy screw drive Minolta lens). I love that lens. Fast, accurate, sharp, nice bokeh, great colors… Lightroom gets rid of the chromatic aberration in most cases. The barrel is all metal so it is virtually indestructible and it can also be used as some kind of weapon if needed 😂. I also have the much more recent Tamron 70-180 f:2.8 which should be a nice alternative
  4. Editorial print & online, worldwide, including foreign language translations, any placement (inside or cover), unlimited print run, 5 years. Price? Think personal use.
  5. Denali national Park (Alaska): young Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) in a snow storm.
  6. Goldenrod crab spider (white - female) - Misumena vatia - waiting for a prey. These small creatures have incredibly strong legs which can hold preys much larger than themselves.
  7. I may upload a few B&W in the future, to see if one sells… Thanks for the advice!
  8. Thank you very much! I don't usually upload B&W images because I tend to think they would not sell, but I might be totally wrong of course.
  9. Iceland : black and white photograph of Skógafoss or Skógarfoss waterfall situated on the Skógá River.
  10. Panoramic view of Denali national Park in autumn - Alaska - USA
  11. I tried the Tamron 150-600 (V1) with an APS-C camera (A77) and I have been disappointed. Then I tried it on a FF camera (A99ii) and I decided to give it a second chance. Of course, this $800 lens will never compete with a $10,000+ fast prime, but for such an affordable and lightweight lens it is not bad. The Sony 200-600 is a better lens in every way.
  12. I suggest you try one. It does not take long to realize if you are going to love or hate the size and ergonomics of the camera. Coming from the A99, an A7iii, A7riii or A7riv would be a massive upgrade in almost every area (AF of course but also ISO performance, viewfinder, fps, responsiveness, etc.). If you feel comfortable with it, any one of these would be a no-brainer. If you own SSM lenses, with the LA-EA5 some of them may even give you better results than with your A99… To me, the A900 was the best Sony camera in terms of size/handling/grip. Such a joy to use.
  13. On the A99ii, I still use my old 400 f:4.5 + 1.4 TC for example, and sometimes the Tamron 150-600 when I have to travel light on holidays. On an E-mount camera, even a 24-70 f:2.8 or a 16-35 f:2.8 seem unbalanced… Pfffff… Here are 2 shitty images to show you the difference in handling between the 2 systems. A99ii A7riii When holding the grip of the A7Riii, my fingers get clustered against the lens barrel, the shutter button is under my second phalanx which is not very practical ;)... my thumb wraps all the way up to the modes selection di
  14. I know people who really like it, and for good reasons. Most of them have quite small hands and use 1 or 2 small lenses, mainly primes. I have large hands and use a lot of large lenses, so I really prefer my A99ii.
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