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  1. Holbox island (Mexico): driftwood left by the sea on a secluded beach.
  2. Two beautiful creatures most people would probably try to avoid when hiking in Central or South America… Polistes carnifex, a very large vespid wasp sometimes referred to as the executioner wasp for its extremely painful sting Bothrops asper (juvenile) known as fer-de-lance, Nauyaca Real pit viper, Terciopelo or Barba Amarilla (depending on the country), a highly venomous pit viper species considered one of the most dangerous snakes because of its proximity to human habitations and its defensive temperament One would not want to disturb any of these two…
  3. Thank you Kristin! I'm glad you like this picture.
  4. Sorry but i absolutely don't understand your answer. Are you actually comparing the environmental impact of 7.8 billion people using smartphones and driving 4WD with the environmental impact of silkworms? Are you considering the Exxon Valdez oil spill or the bombing of Hiroshima to be some kind of "fully natural development"? The fact that we are natural is absolutely irrelevant, it does not change anything to our impact on the ecosystems and the environment in general. If our sun were to explode in a completely natural way, it would still have a disastrous impact on our environment, don't you think?
  5. Law enforcement at the HELLFEST "Monks" at the HELLFEST
  6. Fall colours of the tundra in Denali national park
  7. Aerial view of the Alaska range emerging from a sea of clouds covering Denali national park (Alaska - USA)
  8. Human activity is bad for the environment… not to mention the printing of Vogue… Well, either they are really concerned about it and all of their future publications will be photo-free (let's see that 🤣), or it is just marketing B***S*** intended to have people talking about them just as we are now. What's your guess?
  9. Encounter with a female humpback whale and her calf the shallow waters of Rurutu in French Polynesia.
  10. Every time I go back to some place i have loved, it strikes me: no matter how fast I get older, the planet I live on seems to change even faster than I do…
  11. My last trip there was in 2015. It was quite a shock to see the dramatic changes that occurred in only 16 years… So many buildings have replaced the palm trees on the sandbank… But you are right, it remains a fantastic viewpoint. And I consider myself very lucky to have enjoyed Maya Bay almost alone. I hope that Thailand will manage to preserve this jewel and its ecosystems (a very good spot to observe the zebra shark, Stegostoma fasciatum, among other species) despite the always increasing tourist demand.
  12. Front cover of Podróże (travel magazine) - January 2020: https://podroze.se.pl/miesiecznik/1/2020/1/
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