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    I am studying Information Technology and working part-time in semi-conductor business. I am pretty much into nature and landscape as we have a lot of mountains and lakes here where I live. I also like to be out by night and watch the stars from time to time.


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  1. I don't have one single download till now. Strange, cause also with other agencies my portfolios are simlair size, but don't have no downloads elsewhere!? Can anyone of you who are working with Alamy for longer tell me how to improve?
  2. I am new here since a few weeks and have uploaded another 3 batches with 59 images on 29th, 7 images on 29th and 1 from 2th and still all in QC queue?! Can someone please tell me how hong it usualy takes for images to be reviewed?! My first initial submission took just 2 days for review and now I am waiting for almost 2 weeks?!
  3. I am using Pinterest to collect all my images from various stock agencies and made a board for my Alamy and Stockimo images today http://www.pinterest.com/renepi/my-alamy-portfolio/ For me personally I think ti is a pretty nice way to make a collection of all my images! Also my Pinterest is linked to FB and Twitter accounts, so everything I share is automatically also shared there!
  4. I would be impressed if I get at least one download within the next year is here anybody else who has just startet this year on Alamy and has built up a smaller but nice portfolio with at least a handful of sales? Would be interesting for me to hear something from other newbies!
  5. Many thanks to everyone of you here, giving me quite some detailed feedback, really means a lot to me as a newbie, much appreciated! Actually I don't have that much time, as I'm also quite busy with my master studies in Information Technology and my part-time job in semiconductor business. Have just started uploading to a few other stock agencies 1,2 years ago and at least am now also accepted here on Alamy! Quite some success for me personally At least now have the possibility to maybe give some of my photos a little bit of more value and maybe one day when i have finished my stu
  6. I am new here since a week and another batch with more than 60 images is in queue. Hope they'll get accepted so i can caption and keyword and reach 100 images soon. Just shots from the last year so don't expect me to upload 100 Images per week Don't have so may hq photos in my archive sadly
  7. Hello, I am new here and search didn't give me the wanted result for "portfolio" or "critique"! Would be nice for beginners here, if some of you more experienced contributors could give some hints on newbies portfolios and which images of the specific portfolios might do best here! Here's a link to my portfolio: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/A17FF311-4C93-4D2A-BF0B-DDDBBF9EC52B/1/Ren%C3%A9%20Pirker.html Would be great, if some of you could click through my actually 33 images and tell me what you think about and maybe chose your personal favourite out of it?! And maybe
  8. sounds great! Thanks for posting! So, I'm continue to upload and build a larger portfolio in my rare freetime besides studies and daytime job. If I get 10 downloads per year this would make more than I actually get through other microstock agencies! So someone told me with a portfolio size of ~100 images one get 1 download per year. Can anyone confirm this?! Means to get 10 downloads per year I would need 1000 images which seems to be pretty hard anyway, but will try my best!
  9. Here's one from yesterday evening at the "Emberger Alm", Carinthia, Austria at the International Telescope Convention. My personal highest score out of 9 accepted images, with 3.3
  10. But isn't this kinda strange? What about Alamy's search algorithm? Is it for nothing?! Anything abotu popularity or how many views one images gets within the first days after upload? Usually just in my opinion it shouldn't be about how many images you have in your portfolio but depending on creativity, uniqueness and so on. So is it really "impossible" to have one photo uploaded the other day and a sale within the next days or at least weeks, if a photo is really outostanding and what customers are looking for instantly?!
  11. OK, I don't want you to click around for long so here's a 2nd shot. Really hope these images will be downloaded at least a few times the next years here on Alamy too, as one photo out of this series is my most popular on another Stock Agency downloaded almotst 1000 times within 2 years.
  12. What do you think abut this one here? Taken 2 years ago during a helicopter tour around Manhattan! Have a few more in my portfolio!
  13. Hello Grant, I am new here too and was confused a lot too before, but straight upload your images. It's way big enough. I have a EOS 60D and my files are ok
  14. so you are here since 12 years having more than 20k images now, which makes ~1666 images per year 1000 downloads in 12 years makes 83 downloads/year From that I can derive 0.8 downloads/year with 200. OK, so I think I have to lower my expectations a little bit
  15. Euh ..... hmmm ........ well .................................. oh, I better won't tell Cheers, Philippe because you have so many or so few downloads?! ok, thank you, so at least to have a figure to compare a little. Also with other stock agencies where I have just slightly over 100 Images in my portfolio I don't have many downloads, a handful if anything. I have now a few Images also here online from a heli tour, an aerial landscape image from NYC, which I hope might also sell here, this has sold elswehere nearly 1000 times. Are there any preferences, for
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