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  1. The D7100 is a fantastic camera, and at 24mp vs 10mp a vast, vast improvement on the D200 ( i've owned and used both for many years), - although discontinued the D7100l still hold its own against newer rivals. it will produce excellent images up to 1250 iso , the proof is here... http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/owls-well-that-ends-well.html Gary
  2. Dear Clare, Thanks for highlighting my image use, you and the others who contribute to this forum do a great job, Gary
  3. Agreed, iv'e still not been paid for images used in the MOS going back to June
  4. As of today I'm at 87% of 2015 sales, with revenue at 88% of 2015. So for me it seems prices are holding.
  5. I've been in stock since 1994, a contributor with Alamy since 2002, and at present work with 10 other stock libraries worldwide. Let me reassure everyone who reads this that Alamy is up there with the best of them, both in terms of reporting payments, and paying contributors.
  6. 'Not very good', Really? With under 1800 images for sale I would be very pleased, I've been with Alamy since 2002 and now with nearly 13000 images I've only exceeded a monthly $1000 payout once,.. I'm obviously taking the wrong images.. Gary
  7. Could anyone enlighten me on why my images would appear on the Pinterest website ? it appears they have been posted by someone of whom I have no knowledge of. Forgive my ignorance but I'm not au fait with these sites or what they are for but I would be intrigued to discover why my work is displayed on there. Gary
  8. The Fuji X panoramic function seems to work ridiculously well, almost to easy. http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/a-week-in-peaks-part-2-fuji-panoramics.html Gary
  9. I got my top 500 email today, It's nice to be acknowledged but my Alamy earnings are not very high - I can't remember the last time time hit a $1000 for a month - so If I'm in the top 500 it doesn't say much for the rest I'm afraid...
  10. With my 12000 + Alamy collection I've only ever made a $1000 sale once, about six years ago, anything over $100 now is a red letter day...
  11. I see. I have never used Fuji's RAW before so I didn't have any idea about that. I should have realised that 10000 images under your belt, my advice was rather too basic stuff. Sung Any advice is helpful Sung, I sometimes get stuck on the most simplest of things! Gary
  12. Thanks Sung, I have already tried that, but I've since discovered it seems the image is already cropped as it is imported into LR/ACR - something to do with the Fuji's RAW files having image correction built in which Adobe processes automatically - Photo Ninja doesn't do that ..apparently. Gary
  13. Thanks Sung & Martin, From what I'm hearing also is that you can't turn off all the lens corrections in ACR & LR, so it seems I'm stuck with an artificially small RAW file if I stick to Adobe. Seems to have opened a real can of worms ! Gary
  14. Hi, I've just been comparing my Fuji X E 1 raw files between Adobe Bridge /Lightroom Vs Photo Ninja, and i've just realised Acr and LR crops the image slightly, 4896 x 3264 @ 91.4mb , compared with Photo Ninja 4952 x 3288 @ 93.2mb (both 16bit ) Anyone got any idea as to what causes this? I'll probably stick with ACR so I'd really like to get it sorted. Gary
  15. Bespoke Slide scanners are a thing of past, get a 50-60mm macro ( I use a Nikon 60mm2.8 AFD ) , a light box or flash, a good clean air source for blowing down, ( I use a mains operated 2hp compressor with a 0-30psi reducer plus a moisture trap and a 4 micron filter). It just takes a bit of time to get it right initially, you can then hone everything to your own likings, I cobbled up my own brackets camera stand etc. Shoot in RAW at native ISO, you can bracket, merge HDR or whatever, you have full control, I can get better results this way than I did on my Nikon ED5000. Plus on
  16. Fuji contacted me yesterday and are sending out a brand new replacement XF55-200 OIS,.. Gary
  17. I have a D600, and I have had the dust issue, but not oil, Dont' be put off the D610 because of the D600 legacy.. Have a read of this; http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/the-nikon-d600-strange-journey.html http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/ten-months-on-with-nikon-d600.html
  18. I suppose the only way to curb it slightly is to opt out of the newspaper scheme? Gary
  19. I've noticed that a large number of online news portals are featuring the stories and images (many from Alamy) that have been grabbed from the bigger national newspaper sites such as the Guardian and the Mail online. Is this copyright infringement ?.. If it is it's happening big time. Gary
  20. To be fair to the dealer from which I got the lens, they have a 28 replacement policy, so I'm not knocking them. Gary
  21. Thanks everyone, Here's a link to my blog where you can see what I'm on about; http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/fuji-xf-55-200-problem-firmware-o.html
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