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  1. I respect your views, but, nonsense? really? think a bit, Alamy's sorting the wheat from the chaff, it'll be a sort of self-cull in a way, and it needs to happen. A few hundred images of exceptional work is one thing, a few hundred images of roadsigns and trees is just well, ...need i say anymore? Some of my portfolio needs culling I'll admit, but the good stuff outweighs the bad. I'm OK , I've got thousands of images with independent exclusive agents that are keeping my head above water, but it's a dying business. Get real folks,...
  2. I think all new starters should be given two years to build up sales to the $250 gross. I mean lets face it, If that's not achievable then either they're bad at choosing subject matter, bad at keywording, or just plain bad at photography.
  3. In a photographic career of over thirty years I have sold , and continue to sell travel images on a regular basis for the calendar and magazine market.
  4. I don't agree , the content of a specific image is exactly what this thread is about and how the new contract could affect legal issues with certain subject matter.
  5. OK, so I've got thousands of general travel shots from the UK and Italy, aimed at he calendar market, what do I do to be safe, bin them ? what would any of you out there do ? I know Doc has given us the benefit of his knowledge but we need guidance on where the real problem areas are, I've been in this game for over 30 years and I'm a tad confused.
  6. I've asked this question previously but didn't get an answer; What determines an image that could be open to copyright issues as per the new contract,? I mean what about travel shots with people in the street etc..
  7. I've been with Alamy since 2002, and with 19k images don't really want to start deleting images, but there are concerns here. So could someone give me an example of what type of unreleased property shot could give rise to the photographer being sued, assuming the photographer wasn't trespassing whilst he/she captured the image. I shoot a lot for calendars, not just with Alamy, so is this also open to possible legal action?
  8. The D7100 is a fantastic camera, and at 24mp vs 10mp a vast, vast improvement on the D200 ( i've owned and used both for many years), - although discontinued the D7100l still hold its own against newer rivals. it will produce excellent images up to 1250 iso , the proof is here... http://garyksmithphotography.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/owls-well-that-ends-well.html Gary
  9. Dear Clare, Thanks for highlighting my image use, you and the others who contribute to this forum do a great job, Gary
  10. Agreed, iv'e still not been paid for images used in the MOS going back to June
  11. As of today I'm at 87% of 2015 sales, with revenue at 88% of 2015. So for me it seems prices are holding.
  12. I've been in stock since 1994, a contributor with Alamy since 2002, and at present work with 10 other stock libraries worldwide. Let me reassure everyone who reads this that Alamy is up there with the best of them, both in terms of reporting payments, and paying contributors.
  13. 'Not very good', Really? With under 1800 images for sale I would be very pleased, I've been with Alamy since 2002 and now with nearly 13000 images I've only exceeded a monthly $1000 payout once,.. I'm obviously taking the wrong images.. Gary
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