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  1. Great info - and I'm afraid to ask this next half of my question, please forgive my ignorance.....if I have a photo listed as royalty free - on this website - and on the hopes of anyone actually wanting to buy it / use it - then what "cut" would I get? I see where images are being used for over $200 - with rights of use up to 5 years - but how much does the photographer take away from that? I've seen posts on this board where people are making pennies in some cases, others just $9.00 - I looked for a site tutorial - to sort of show me the ropes and how to navigate but no such luck. Again, please forgive my ignorance. Just trying to learn what to expect from this site - I am very excited to "try" - even though it sounds like my pictures will always be buried.
  2. I'm brand new here - my first 4 passed, and I uploaded another 6 for review - I have tons online that are just waiting for me to send in. After reading many of the threads it sounds like as a newbie here - that I stand a very very little if any chance of ever making a sale - but - will still give it a try. I've read the descriptions about rights reserved, rights managed and royalty free - what is the most frequently selected choice out there? I was pretty clueless when I was in there managing my four little photos Thanks for any tips!!
  3. Interesting thread. I am new here - just submitted my first 4 two days ago - still waiting for QC. But after reading this thread I have zero hopes of ever making any sales through the website Guess I better shop around online for other options. Congrats to the long timers who have had great success!
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