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  1. Thanks Jools, you're right. Definitely something I need to be mindful of as I snap away.
  2. Thank you, yes I have found it. What a useful tool that I didn't realize was there for me!
  3. Thanks a lot for this! Could you point me to where "All of Alamy" is? another poster mentioned it but I can't find it for the life of me!
  4. Betty, you helped me make a really important discovery...my Canon S95 DOES shoot in RAW. I had been avoiding it lately because shooting with it in jpeg hasn't produced big enough files for Alamy which is too bad because I've got some (what I think are) great photos that will just sit on my computer now. Going forward, this will be huge! Thanks!
  5. This is good advice. The photos are good but there are 50 million photos on Alamy and you need to get yours seen - the answer is in the keywording in which I would include the captioning. The captioning is important for 2 reasons - mainly because when picture editors are looking for subjects they need to have the full details of place, name, etc right in front of them. Less importantly, the caption field is searchable, ie. the words have value in the keywording of your images. In the keywording itself, which is hugely important - get it wrong and the most wonderful images will not be seen. Examples from your images: E6CFAB: captioned "Fortress in the Greek Islands" - What fortress? which Greek island? - Picture editors will rarely want general images of fortresses in the greek islands - much more likely they will want an image of THAT fortress or an image from THAT island E6CEM3: captioned "A windy day at Qaitbay, in Alexandria, Egypt. What is Qaitbay exactly? You have keyworded it as a fort and a fortress, but actually if you Google it , It is called the Citadel of Qaitbay. Use "All of Alamy" to see what searches have been done in the past year - there have been no searches for "Qaitbay" but one search for "Alexandria Citadel" and your image would not have been seen. You have only just started so I hope you will not feel this is being too critical - hopefully intended to be helpful. With so few images on sale so far you have the opportunity to improve the captions and keywords of images that are already there. BTW be aware that images with people or parts of people in, whatever their size and whether they are recognisable or not, cannot be RF unless you have signed model releases for all people in the image (cf. image E6H6MT RF for example), and also images with property taking up most of the image cant be RF unless you have a property release (cf Image E6CEM3 for example) Good Luck and enjoy Alamy - it is usually good fun Kumar Thank you so much Kumar! This is very helpful and I'm revising my captions/keywording now!
  6. Thanks Gervais, I've been thinking including people is not necessarily a good thing as you don't typically pick up model releases from passer-byers. Does that not scare people away from purchasing an image with people in it?
  7. Thanks for all of your inputs! My current photos were taken under the assumption I would only use them for personal use but going forward, I'll be more mindful of the images I'm capturing.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm new to Alamy and have about 45 images available for sale as of today. I joined alamy about 4 weeks ago but have not had any zooms much less sales. Most of my photos are related to travel. I'm stuck in a rut and need some advice from the vets here at Alamy. Any advice on quality of photos, marketability, etc. are greatly appreciated. Stock photography by Kelley Stanley at Alamy Thanks! Kelley Stanley
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