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  1. Not an odd question at all. If you have the same or similar images bidding against each other in the same market they are clearly competitors. Not only are they dragging the price down but you get a lower cut of the sale price for your trouble. That is why I opted out of the distributor schemes years ago. I suppose there might be some loyalty issues which affect some markets and some for some agencies perhaps local knowledge or accurate translation becomes a factor. For that reason I had until recently despite my images not being exclusive, limited my pix to a single agency so that they do not compete against themselves. However, now with so many images globally in competition with each other and prices so very very low I do wonder if all prices have been dragged to the floor, no matter how special, by the general pricing. Is a massive and generalist agency now able or willing to differentiate between unique images and the bog standard ones? This May I did ask alamy if they could set a price floor for some images of mine which I consider pretty much unique - they cannot - so for the moment they are, with this agency alone and it is up to the sales staff at Alamy to determine the price. I will not be holding my breath for how much they sell for. There has certainly been a tendency for buyers in my specialist field to look at, and use, Alamy images on an increasing basis as well as their historically first choice agencies. I think good picture researchers look at a whole spectrum of agencies and their images and then make their choice. So if your wonderful and unique image of a polar bear balancing on a beach ball is for sale all over the place what does the buyer do?
  2. "Could be a card issue. Can you read it in a card reader attached to a computer?" I had similar with my Mk1 when trying to format and use a micro sdhc card put into a Kingston adapter - a number of horizontal dashes and then nothing - I later got r/w success with either a Sandisk or Integral adapter using the same card and I have read elsewhere that Kingston micros sdhc adapters are not so good. Perhaps just take the card out and give the terminals a gentle clean or swap adapter if using one.
  3. Thanks Steve and Alex, just found a cracking little batch file renamer https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cyb.satheesh.filerenamer.pro there is a free version which you can try but for 60p you can get rid of the ads. The Photo Editor looks pretty good too and I will probably give MoPhotos a try soon too.
  4. Mmmm just wasting rather too much time going through apps for my new android tablet which will edit captions etc also batch rename at least to conform with the news feed requirements). I can find no trace of the "Mo photo" that Steve B talks about - anyone else had any luck? This one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teapps.exiftag is quite good. Anyone found a good batch file renamer?
  5. If you have an image which sells well with Alamy (say) then I just don't get the logic of competing in a particular territory against yourself with another agency sublicencing that same image - it will drive down the price - and of that lowered price you will get less via the local agency. If you have lots of generic stuff competing with many similar images from other shooters then maybe there more of a case but it will still drive down the prevailing market prices for other stock AND you will still get paid a lot less money for what you do sell. I also had the experience of a Slovak republic distributor (who also operates in Czech republic according to alamy distributor info) continuing still sell my images many months (over 6) after I told alamy to take them off - OK you might argue that the sales sometimes take a while to come through but these were highly seasonal shots unlikely to have sold outside the season - it took alamy 3 goes to stop this happening. And on a more general point even when your images are non exclusive (which my 12k are) is it not better to restrict the agencies through which you offer them to try and slow down this bidding war and the downward plunge in prices? I took 4k images off alamy earlier in the year to reduce my own self competition in markets important to me - at the moment I'm hanging fire about where I go with my images longer term while I monitor sales - will it be via a specialist agency or alamy or direct sales through my own (just relaunched) website. Obviously everyones situation is different with loads of travel shots I'd be with alamy all the time as they are about as good as it gets for working with an agency
  6. Breezebrowser running under wine (emulator) does a good job but even better and for the majority Rawtherapee Version: 64 bit which is native for Linux and hugely configurable
  7. Or do your self a proper favour, get off the software upgrade treadmill, and have a really fast, stable and robust OS with no virus issues - Linux (my clone of choice - Mint 64 bit ) for everything. I have been running dual boot alongside Windows for 18 months and almost never have to log into windows now - actually did so for the first time since May 2013 just the other day. I have processed may 10k images since then.
  8. Mmmm, interesting read, I don't pretend to follow all of it but we are certainly not powerless. Our collective decisions are important. These para stood out for me: The duplication of collections accounts for 82 per cent of the total increase of 49.8 million images Only 18 per cent of image growth can be attributed to original material The growth of image stocks is driven generally by non-original content from sales partners rather than by original content. So if we duplicate our own images are we not competing against ourselves in a bidding war? If we supply same (non-exclusive) images to alamy and then elect to join an alamy distribution scheme or supply the same images elsewhere either directly or through another agency is that in our own best interests?
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