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  1. ok, but I think this policy is VERY BAD. So If I have 2 or 3 pics sell for 900$ and another person have 100 sales for 10$ the pics of the "cheap guy" come before in search results??? and if a pic is sell many times for what reason the pic is send to hell ranking? if I are a buyer and see 1 pic in a "900$" display and wow I want this pic and search a bit in alamy but after 20 pages I don't find the image... the buyer go away tired!!!??? in the end no money for the phot. no money for alamy. if alamy have staff of web devoloping/programmers this rank for image is very easy to implement. in resume, no matter if a pic is shot by cartier-breson or by a totally unknown guy with a obscure pseudo. MONEY TALKS!!!
  2. hi, looking a bit in search. search: "Badalona" and this image ADH8GC do not appears, (image sold for $ 857.19) in location field Badalona is, so "location" field is not searchable?? (now I put the city name in others fields) another this image A1NE5C is sold 3 times searching 15 to 25 pages (120 pics per page) I don't find it, so is more deep. so if this image is sold 3 times, all others displayed before are sold 4 or more times? for what reason if a pic is sold don't have a plus for go up in first pages? so a suggestion, if a pic is sold this have a "10 poinds" for to be displayed in first pages in a search, if 2 sales 10 poinds more, if 3 sales 10 poinds more... plus, if a sale is for 1000$ 1000 more poinds, if a sale is for 6$, 6 more poinds and so on. both quantity of sales & price sold are two diferent fields of course. not is this more reasonable?
  3. hi, I sign in for distribution some days ago. I check some of the parners list websites and my pics in some only a few, in others nothing. so how many time for all my pics online in all the parners websites? or I never find all my pics because not all the pics are put in parners websites??
  4. independence or freeedom by osmosis? It's Not Just Europe; As Many As 16 California Counties May Seek Secession From The State | Zero Hedge http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-04/its-not-just-europe-16-california-counties-seek-secession-states Plan to split California six ways is closer to vote - SFGate Blog http://blog.sfgate.com/stew/2014/02/19/plan-to-split-california-six-ways-is-closer-to-vote/ Texas Nationalist Movement http://texnat.org/
  5. be ready un short term, catalonia, euskal herria, (Country basc), veneto... in medium term: balearic & canary islands, bretanye, texas, california,... in long term: ?... all can or can't, only time talks
  6. create again exactly the deleted pseu. . this not make appear the pics again? the computers are dumb
  7. in computer storage never buy if you really don't need it. now are proliferating hd of solid state (SSD), no motors, no moving parts, so wait until yuo really need. i have scsi maxtors of 300gb in an external enclosure and until the hd's are at 70-80% full i don't buy anything. the nexts hd are these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive floating around I have quantum's fireball of 1,45gb from the 90's working ok, others maxtors ide of 160gb caput. Some time ago my computers are under a UPS, even the UPS died and I had a total computer crash ( motherboard, video card, UPS...) but the scsi hd are working properly
  8. i have some QC fails with "Image processing error". I tested my dirty ADSL line (only 300kb up) sending and downloading some pics from my web server and the images are ok. so what "Image processing error" mean? this is a problem from my side, alamy or the adsl line?
  9. what OS? if windows family, in winXP for exemple go to "command prompt" and type: xcopy /? for xcopy from a computer to other you need: \\computername\driveletter\folder...
  10. hello, someone uses one of these? the only con in this system: don't have a 80-200 2,8 IS like canon but apart from that this little monster is very atractive to use it around for what appears to be. and if I am not mistaken has a format like the Bronica etrsi http://shop.olympus.ie/e_commerce/om-d/olympus/e-m10-body-p-2156.htm
  11. I sell some pics for 800, 900$ and are not "anything special", so all is luck. I have aprox. your numbers. If your photos are "normal" stock as everyone makes, and it seems, you need a lot and a good search ranking otherwise your pics are drops in a sea in a remote area. some of MBS are street "everyday" events in my medium city, a priori "absurd" events. note, the last 13 months whitout sales perhaps because I are out of distribui. newspappers... well I prefer a sale easy traceable for 240 or 900$ than a lot of 12$!!! good luck.
  12. hello how I can make a claim for sales in germany, spain & ireland? in spain you need to pay 60 euros a solo time but for 2 or 3 sales I think this is not profitable, right? http://www.vegap.es/english is easy in in germany, spain & ireland like through the dacs website?
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