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  1. perhaps you have a better choice with FILM using the grandpa camera, yes film, developing film is fun :)


    today if you buy a full pro photographic equipment, big lenses, big filters, batts, cards, big computers, big software... unless you work for a friend with a big wallet or for a gov... I think a few guys recover the thousands of euros invested selling pics in today agencies marked for 0.50ç-50$.


    bona sort!

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  2. I received this from DACS for this year claim:



    What’s new this year?

    This year we have reduced our Payback administration fee to 16% - a small share of the royalties which we retain in order to cover our operating costs - meaning more money goes back to you. We are committed to reducing our fee each year, and have lowered it from an initial 25% in 2007



    Congratulations and well done DACS!


    sadly the photo agencies go in opposite direction, low low sale prices and less cake for photographers.




    with current stock prices, maybe someone get more money from DACS than from selling the pics through agencies??? bizarre?


    so no wonder why people write wath write in "I no longer _____?"

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  3. I have the same problem, no sales from 15 months ago. I think the idea for mantain possibilities of sell something is upload some "fresh meat" every 3 months at most, but the problem is how the search algorithm work. and when I upload some pics with another poind of view of some location NEVER before seen, fast, very fast, I see a lot of similars from anothers guys, AMAZING :)


    this is an exemple:



    and another:


  4. +1


    can think of 20 more option boxes or much better: sliders in advanced search.


    How about a slider for:


    least sold - most sold

    least viewed - most viewed

    least zoomed - most zoomed

    least popular - most popular


    most of this are inpracticable, most irrelevant,  some like the photo.net options for photo "amateurs". I think this is a business and buyer oriented, so put options necessary to facilitate the purchase not for lost time looking, rating... pictures. my 2cents.

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