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  1. Tell me here any new payment method or DACS people get a lot of request asking the same quiz. Thanks.
  2. in the middle of this whole conversation... one thing is managing DACS payment by alamy and another thing is managing DACs by yourself. In my case I manage DACs, so maybe if you delegate this to Alamy, Alamy "eats" the Paypal commission
  3. I are in the same scenario, more brutal than yours. I ask to DACS, reply: All our payments are made by direct bank transfer, and we have no control over any fees your bank charges you I’m afraid. As long as the payment has been made successfully, there will be nothing we can do to recall it. ---------------- bank again. The others years no commission so other method is necessary or the next year the same history pop up. Of course my bank have 0 commission.. Paypal have commission too, so if you have any method with 0 "commission"...
  4. the spy use film https://www.fotoimpex.de/shop/filme/minox-filme-8x11/ many grandpas, uncles... of today use also 110 format, 4x4, super 8... and if you make paranormal investigation, film is the choice.
  5. perhaps you have a better choice with FILM using the grandpa camera, yes film, developing film is fun today if you buy a full pro photographic equipment, big lenses, big filters, batts, cards, big computers, big software... unless you work for a friend with a big wallet or for a gov... I think a few guys recover the thousands of euros invested selling pics in today agencies marked for 0.50ç-50$. bona sort!
  6. felicitats! my first sale some years ago was a pic in the first roll with my new bronica
  7. hi, some days ago I enter to "my alamy" and see I are in the UK Newspaper Scheme - IN in green. I never entered this scheme so after 1 day I enter again in my alamy and now the correct choice is in red, OUT. A reasonable explain for this? Someone else also put IN or OUT contrary to what you choose??
  8. I received this from DACS for this year claim: [...] What’s new this year? This year we have reduced our Payback administration fee to 16% - a small share of the royalties which we retain in order to cover our operating costs - meaning more money goes back to you. We are committed to reducing our fee each year, and have lowered it from an initial 25% in 2007 [...] Congratulations and well done DACS! sadly the photo agencies go in opposite direction, low low sale prices and less cake for photographers. with current stock prices, maybe someone get more money from DACS tha
  9. a good dictionary of synonyms and various search engines. door, portal, frontier, exit... of course in local "english dialect" and Gaelic +brexit +Scotland +Caledonia +...
  10. http://jayce-o.blogspot.com/2013/10/beautifully-designed-photo-books-inspiration.html
  11. the market is overloaded with near free pics so your's pics need to be unique or, near all the others=near nothing.
  12. “If you want to be famous, you must do something more badly than anybody in the entire world.”
  13. http://www.messynessychic.com/2013/06/06/the-reclusive-peeping-tom-photographer-and-his-cardboard-camera/ reproduce this in computer software? is better to go again to film!
  14. from the high contrast look. I think some pics of PT in web don't past alamy QC by reason of: "Soft or lacking definition" & "Camera shake"
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