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  1. Thanks, I'll look for the thread. I believe that I have 2 glitches that are independent. The first one relates to the iPhone and the app not showing all photos. I believe that this is related to the use of iCloud Photo Library to share the photos between my devices, the app only shows some of them which is likely an issue with how iCloud Photo Libraries transfers/stores files. The work around is to go into photos on the iPhone select the missing photos, chose to share them using iCloud Photo Sharing, but then cancel before setting up. They then appear in the Stockimo app. The second i
  2. Hi there, like a few of you I have had some issues with the app around not seeing photos to be uploaded in my folders. On my iPad I see no photos, and on my iPhone I seem most but not all. Anyone found a solutions or a logic as to why it happens?
  3. I have a similar problem on an iPad Pro with the folders showing no images. I use my ipad for uploading as it's easier to keyword on a larger device, all the photos are taken on an iPhone. I'm even finding the app clunky on the iPhone recently, for example, when I try and upload from my photostream album it doesn't show the same photos as when you look at the photostram album in the photos app. I'm sure it'll all work out with a few upgrades!
  4. Lisa, I just went with the Apple silicon case for my 6S Plus. It doesn't add much bulk or weight but most importantly adds grip. So far happy with the phone and had my first Stockimo photo accepted and it also made the Grid of Greatness. Hey Adrian, just spotted your photo on the first page of the Stockimo collection. One of mine made it too. High five. http://www.alamy.com/category/stockimo.html Thanks Lisa, it's always nice to see. I took the photo on a 500px photowalk the other week and it made it to their 'top 50 photos' article on their blog which meant it's had a
  5. Lisa, I just went with the Apple silicon case for my 6S Plus. It doesn't add much bulk or weight but most importantly adds grip. So far happy with the phone and had my first Stockimo photo accepted and it also made the Grid of Greatness.
  6. Betty, it feels like we're in a parallel universe. I have my old (v. old) wacom tablet next to me and I never got on with it. For some reason I also bought a Intuos Pro M recently. I have to say that with a bit of effort, particularly setting the programmable buttons, I'm getting there and am more comfortable with it. I have to say at the moment I'm still a bit quicker with a mouse, but on a lot of actions I'm increasingly more accurate with the tablet. I guess after 20 years of using a mouse it's going to be more habitual so I'm going to hang in there with the tablet and keep working with
  7. Portfolio of ~160, regular appearances in 'customer likes' and 2 sales to date so not too bad.
  8. Adrian, thanks for the tip. I bought ProCamera after reading your post. All I've done with it is shoot a couple of pictures, but I can see the quality has gone up a couple of notches. Now if I can figure out the "functionality" of which you speak..... Excellent Betty, glad you're getting to grips with ProCamera. Much of the additional functionality that I use is just the ability to adjust the shutter, speed, aperture, etc.. and the ability to expose and focus on different places in the shot. Some of the fun of the Stockimo vs. traditional is seeing what new apps can add to the end resu
  9. I shoot using ProCamera rather than the native camera app on my iPhone 5S as it allows more functionality and you can chose whether you save them as TIFF or jpeg. I then use Snapseed usually on my iPad to edit and upload. Whichever format you seem to save with from ProCamera if you manipulate in SnapSeed then it saves out as jpeg in smaller files though.
  10. Hi there, Are there any plans to provide stats for stockimo portfolios and images in the same way as the main collection either through the app, through My Alamy or both (even better)? I stumbled on one of my stockimo images in the 'customer likes' the other day so I know they're appearing in searches ;-) Adrian
  11. What impresses me about these forums is that people are happy to help in a constructive manner. Just because your new to Alamy doesn't mean that you're new to photography and I've often noticed a slight tendency to patronise new entrants. It's also great to come to a forum where it's positive. There's no doubt that the industry is undergoing a significant re-balancing and there are of course some winners and losers, but this is making a lot of other forums agency bashing arenas. I love the Stockimo app and feel it's great the way that Alamy is grabbing the future with both hands whilst
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