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  1. I am on safari and have the same problem when trying to get back into Alamy, but not the forum pages, after shutting down and restarting the computer later. The Alamy page tells me I am still logged in at the top right but still wants me to log in again. This has been happening for a long time now so I am just going with it. Allan Thankyou for your replies folks. I'm glad it isn't just me but not sure why it isn't everyone. I am on El Capitain. It has just happened today with Chrome after I cleared my browsing data just after 2pm which hasn't affected it before so that probably isn't the reason.. it hasn't affected the forum log-in and seems fine on Safari now but it is annoying to have to change to another browser. Strangely I was having a problem copying and pasting too so I don't know what's going on. Kathy
  2. About an hour ago I started having trouble with repeatedly being asked to "Log In" I am logged in, go to My Alamy and it asks me to log in again. Maddening! Anyone else experiencing this? Kathy
  3. Yes, but they are handling it well and applying Editorial Only on the images, not removing them. Kathy
  4. I uploaded new images within the last hour but they still haven't shown up in "Track submissions". They are normally there pretty much straight away. Anyone else finding this is happening today? Thanks, Kathy deWitt
  5. I've been chasing an infringement I mentioned in a Forum post last year.....an image used as a Christmas card which I discovered in a shop containing on the back the phrase, "Courtesy of Alamy". I can't find the original post but I'm very happy to report that this sale has appeared at last in Summary of Sales today for a reasonable fee Thanks for persevering Alamy!!
  6. Very diligent of you to find this image in the Independent's "i" newspaper without Alamy credit or my name Albertsnapper! I know they don't often add credits to photos used. Thankyou. Kathy
  7. Thanks for reporting this AlbertSnapper. Do you recall which paper you saw it in?? Kathy He said- i. That's not a misprint, it's a newspaper. thanks Mark, I didn't see that little i!
  8. Hi Theodosis: Sometimes lists are posted in the blog. The most recent is here: http://www.alamy.com/blog/stock-photo-requests-may-2016 If you look at My Alamy you will find "Your Alamy" and "All of Alamy" under Measures. You can check what has been searched on previous days here in Alamy Measures or in your own account which will give you an idea. i.e. http://www.alamy.com/Customersearch/Customersearchhistory.aspx Good Luck Kathy
  9. Hi Nick: I reported this same problem here a couple of days ago: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/5779-cant-access-my-alamy/ Disconcerting, Kathy
  10. Thanks for your reply. Last night when this happened I did go to Firefox and was able to log in there ok. My problem was that when I filled in the log in page it returned empty asking me to log in again and again and again. It started to work again when I returned from Firefox and continues to work fine today. I do have to log in to the site each day which I didn't have to do lately. Fingers crossed it is stable for a while. Kathy
  11. Hi folks: Each time I try to click on "My Alamy" it is taking me to the "log in" page even though I am already logged into the site. Anyone else finding this problem tonight? Thank you, Kathy
  12. Nacho: OT perhaps but you have the most wonderfully riveting collection of Latin American images, perfectly composed and spontaneous. Very hard to tear myself away and get back to work. I think they will do well here. Kathy
  13. OMG - sale today on a Sunday. Of a photo I took in the 1960s....
  14. Hi Shakir. Welcome to Alamy. It will be interesting to see your photos when they are uploaded. Good Luck, Kathy
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