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  1. Ah, yes, now I do, thanks. Sometimes it's good just to walk away from the computer and return with fresh eyes!! Kathy
  2. I can't see them on the thumbnails today. Thanks for mentioning the zoom option though.
  3. I must say, it is very nice to have Measures reported so early in the day! I hope it continues. Kathy
  4. Finally, some positive news on PU. I'm sure this isn't a figment of my imagination. Yesterday checking what had transpired on Net Rev. my heart sunk with sight of a PU sale. Ho hum. This morning however, in "Sales", I see the same image with a proper license to a magazine for 1 month for twice the PU amount. Maybe something is being done. Heartening!
  5. It seems to me that early surges are much better for morale and motivation than leaving these clumped sales to the last two days of the month.
  6. I had an exclusive American book deal email for the same amount at the beginning of March.......no good news to date about this........ always hopeful as occasionally these things comes to fruition. Kathy
  7. https://www.selling-stock.com/Article/speight-new-panther-media-ceo
  8. Actually, speaking of sun, I have decided it is a result of changes in ambient light, since there is no sunlight in the room where I work today. Much duller so the images leap out!
  9. No Wim, I haven't touched it actually. Thanks for info though. It isn't actually a problem might just be my perception. Kathy
  10. Thanks Matt for your reply, I should have specified, this seems the case in the AIM images to me.
  11. Colours of images appear very vibrant, saturated, punchy to me this morning ....anyone else notice this change? Kathy
  12. Certainly is confusing, I've had 50 more images turn from green to orange over the weekend.
  13. I've checked a few and multiple mega tags that show up in IM aren't showing up when image is searched. Anyone know what happens if you just star a multiple mega tag? Kathy
  14. Great to see a sale of Potsdamer Platz today. Searching for Potsdamer Platz Berlin images I had to narrow the search to the past 3 months to see if appear in Relevant. If I didn't, there were almost one thousand images of this site. Kathy
  15. waiting too but since the topsy turvy search engine have had some interesting sales of images I haven't seen in years. V. strange days
  16. 23 sales this month down in numbers from the previous great 3 months likely due to a very welcome $800 TV license. Almost a hundred more sales than last year and revenue well surpassed. V. pleased with this upturn. Kathy
  17. Hallelujah!! Cleared browsing data for the 2nd time today and it has worked getting me into Chrome. So there is the answer. Whew!
  18. So I changed my password, and can still log in with new password on Safari but the same thing is happening on Chrome. The www.alamy.com page comes up saying I am in fact logged in but when I click on MyAlamy it takes me to the log in page and doesn't accept the password. ho hum.
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