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  1. lol! no Ed, thank goodness....I didn't spot the date.
  2. still waiting for QC .... think I uploaded 28th or 29th. anyone else around these dates? thanks, Kathy
  3. Can someone please remove the red arrow I accidentally struck on this post? Sorry Gary!
  4. I am trying to reply to those helping me with downloading CSV but every time I log in to the Forum and go to the topic I am logged out so I am reporting here that I have managed to download the file and open it in Excel so I will send this, even though it looks a bit weird. Thanks to those replying. Kathy
  5. Of course, thank you. It doesn't seem to work with my version of excel though, seems to be the wrong format, hmm, or maybe the Excel version is too old. V 14.0.0 Mac 2011? I never use Excel and am not at all familiar with it.
  6. I can't see where you download a CSV file. Can someone direct me please? It used to be quite obvious. Thank you, Kathy
  7. Thank you guys! Very helpful. I will change the tags. Much appreciated!
  8. Hi folks: Can anyone identify this tree for me please? I don't know if the bulbous end in folded leaves or a seed pod. And I am not having any luck upload an image, sorry. Photographed in Los Angeles. KW9A71 with thanks, kathy
  9. Welcome to Alamy Samara, very nice images and nice to have another Canadian contributor! Good Luck with sales. Kathy
  10. 11 short of last year's 317 licenses for a few hundred more £'s. The graph shows sales steadily increasing year on year till now so I'm not sure how to explain this drop. Possibly because I was in LA & Portland for almost a month without uploading which I tend to do every day when I am home. Kathy
  11. When I saw this image AC805A had been licensed a couple of days ago I googled "Germaine Greer" as I feared the worst. Luckily she had recently been interviewed describing her success. https://tinyurl.com/yd4szzf7 "There's no point in work - unless it absorbs you - like an absorbing game. If it doesn't absorb you ... if it isn't any fun... don't do it. I wholeheartedly agree and working with Alamy is totally absorbing which is the most important thing. So thank you all at Alamy and have a great Xmas break. Kathy
  12. Thank you John. I think you've got it and I just came across this Malibu article which means the timing was right for the invasion. Aplysia vaccaria, the California black sea hare http://themalibupost.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/gargantuan-gastropods.html Mystery solved. Kathy
  13. Hi John, Thanks for your reply. I did wonder about sea cucumber but the images I searched didn't quite resemble these. Looks like a gigantic slug with frilly bits underneath. V. black too
  14. Is anyone able to tell me what this mysterious sea creature is lying stranded on a beach in Los Angeles California photographed a few weeks ago? It is about as big as a loaf of unsliced bread. Thanks in advance, KK170Y
  15. Hi folks: I am trying to upload and getting red "upload error" sign this Sunday evening. Never had this before. And it isn't to do with size. Anyone else?? Thank you, Kathy
  16. heh! thanks Mark...I didn't know you could scroll attributes.
  17. I would like to see a tick box in attributes for Personal Use images so that I can see how many I have actually restricted. At the moment I have no idea of how many I have ticked or whether those ticked are affecting sales.
  18. You might want to add an "e" to the word climat in your earth pictures Serge, otherwise they might not be found: "climate change"
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