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  1. No problem. All through QC fine now. Kathy Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  2. Folks: I just finished an upload and didn't get the usual little grey box asking if there are any more to upload......then noticed Processing 24 hrs which isn't a good sign. Anyone else have this experience in the past half hour or ever? Thank you, Kathy
  3. All blanks back now! Thanks everyone! Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  4. Dave: I think this ability to view the images is only possible on the West Coast of Canada! Definitely not in Wales. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  5. Thanks Dave but I have 4 GB ram. I don't think it is my computer. It is an Alamy glitch. I have now uploaded these images uploaded on (28 May/ passed on 30 May) again. Thanks Everyone! Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  6. Hi Dave: Thank you for checking. Can you see the first four images here: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/212DB392-26C1-456E-840B-875BD56921EC/1/Kathy%20deWitt.html I can't! The round disc just keeps turning and just the tiny icons show. Kathy
  7. Seems like a very particular upload which shows blank.......perhaps it would be an idea just to re-upload these and delete the blank ones when new ones are live? Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  8. 18 sales mostly medium format. Few D coded images coming through as sales yet this year. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  9. I agree Kumar, It is happening to my new images too. Thanks for reporting this. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  10. Yes, I had a rare Saturday sale for ITV use this past weekend. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: up to 2 transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 11 May 2013 End: 11 May 2018 In my experience sales are lower in April May picking up in June. Maybe due to end of tax year? Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  11. You're right Allan, I spoke too soon. Just had to sign in again. 5 times today! Kathy
  12. It might be fixed now?? Came back after 2 hours and didn't have to sign in. Whooppeee!
  13. I agree Ruth and Sheila very annoying and not the browser. A few days ago signing in, one stayed signed in. Now it is back to the previous situation. Very offputting! Please rectify Alamy. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  14. Kathy deWitt

    sign in?

    Alamy: Why do I have to sign in each and every time I want to look at the forum. If I was logged in on the old forum I would stay logged in? I've searched for an answer to this but can't find any mention. Thank you. Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  15. Thank you Kumar and Danny for rescuing this post. The link was ok when posted then I too noticed that it had broken, and I couldn't work out why but started making a list of people whose images appear, then became daunted in trying to locate these. It seems to be working at this precise moment, which is great! Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o It loads poorly (slowly), and the default FF .pdf viewer doesn't like it much (so open with Acrobat), but is here. As Kathy says, it contains a heap of images by Alamy togs, though none of mine, sadly... Edit: oops, this seems to be the same url as Kathy provided, but working now. I know that I found it yesterday via a different url...irrelevant now. I'll get my coat!
  16. Lots of Alamy Images here in British Council Post Graduate UK 2013 publication: http://tinyurl.com/bvs47pf Have a look, too many to post! Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  17. Clicking on image number under my forum name brings up pbpvision photos. Clicking on Zollster's image number will find mine!! Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
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