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  1. 8 hours ago, Brasilnut said:

    Just had a refund, which is no big deal, but the pic has obviously been published! wtf!



    Santa Lucia station, Venice © Alamy

    I too had a refund yesterday for an FT usage which I found being used.  I suspect it will be reinstated on Monday with a different date or higher fee?  I found the use using Google Image thing and have a screen grab.  

  2. On 9/20/2018 at 06:59, Clare Gainey said:

    Guardian online

    PBRA1E Kathy deWitt Exterior view of mural on wall of Volcano Theatre Art Haus on Wind Street in the city of Swanea
    M29WE5 Gruffydd Thomas Remains of the Slip Bridge on Swansea beach sea front


    C3GDC5 Ashley Cooper pics A Rook (Corvus frugilegus) feeding on a packet of crisps in a motorway service station car park, scotland, UK.
    BH01GN Phil Cornelius Cairn on Simon Howe on the North York Moors National Park
    BD5AF5 Mike Kipling Photography Walkers on the Lyke Wake Walk Lilla Cross Fylingdales Moor North Yorkshire
    JECJD0 Derek Lunn Lyke Wake walk route, North Yorkshire Moors


    thank you for listing this Volcano theatre pic Clare.  



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