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  1. This is the first time I didn't get a response from MS. It might have just got buried by a flood of request these days. Thanks for your info on the license commissions you received last year. With this announcement from Alamy, I'm sure a few thousand additional photographers will make a claim this year which will result in a smaller license fee payout. I think I will hand this over to Alamy, so I can move on.
  2. @ Spacecadet: I did contact MS regarding all those questions but never received a response - hence my post here on the forums. And also my question about previous years' licence compensation, so I could get an idea whether it is worth my time to try to track down the missing 24 licenses on my own. If a license would net me $25 a piece, then I would try to hunt down some licenses myself. But if a license through DACS pays me $2 then it's a waste of my time doing all the work myself.
  3. I included everything up to Dec 2013. That's why I'm so hesitant to file myself. I'm missing 22 licenses in my sales report (RM that is). Is it possible that Alamy has details about RF sales that have been made for the UK territory?
  4. @ spacecadet I totally would (do it myself) but I can only provide a list of 20 licenses listed in the Alamy sales report compared to the 44 the Alamy claims I am entitled for. I don't know how else I could provide proof to DACS other than the Alamy sales report... ?!? I also thought only RM sales do qualify. I'm trying to figure out whether I'm "better" off letting Alamy make the claim for me over 44 licenses minus their take and the 50% or doing the claim myself with only 20 licenses that I can prove.
  5. Hello, I've been trying to follow this thread (I may have missed some info, I admit) and also contacted Alamy and DACS but still have many questions as both Alamy and DACS did not respond to my emails. Maybe someone can provide some information. I'm German located in Germany and have these questions: 1. Alamy informed me of 44 licenses that I could claim with DACS. I went through my entire sales report several times but I can only identify 20 RM sales that qualify (books, mgazines, UK territory). 2. I asked Alamy about the cut they are taking "to cover their costs" but haven't rec
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